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  1. [​IMG]

    Let's all be sad together. Megs and I really hate to see you go.

    Some people just can't be sold on a great thing, so drastic measures need to be taken.

    Your account will be terminated at EOD.
  2. Why are you terminating my account?Please reinstate
  3. Hello, not sure why I've got this message, I was offered an account upgrade not to close my account!?
  4. Oh well, fun while it lasted!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    Good one you guys!
  5. Hey this had better be one of your famous "April Fools Day" jokes!!!!!
  6. Please do not terminate my account - I did not select this!
  7. April fools, I knew it!!:lolots:
  8. i just received pop up messages about an account upgrade. but when i tried to get out of it , it kept prompting me and eventually said my account would be terminated EOD? and i was bounced here (assuming april fools?! lol)
  9. I just got offered an upgrade also and instead a message saying that my account will be terminated EOD.
  10. April fools, I assume. This shoe stuff is serious business .... no joking! LOL.
  11. Best April Fools yet Vlad. Seriously scary.
  12. Seriously?!
  13. Is it a joke?
  14. Oh okay. Totally forgot abut April Fools!!! Good one!! :smile::lol::graucho:
  15. I loved the benefit of getting a bigger avatar lol!! ;)

    sigh - I generally hate April Fool's Day. Because I'm very gullible.