ATTN Teachers: What Type of Bag Do You Carry?

  1. Calling all teachers out there! :::waves:::

    What kind of bag(s) do you carry...
    ---To work?
    ---Outside of school (if it differs)?

    And what level/subject do you teach?
  2. I teach at a college (I'm a TA) and I carry a longchamp large tote most of the time. I do have a leather Coach satchel too, but for the most part I want something really lightweight on campus. I carry a bevy of other bags outside of school though!
  3. I carry a mj stella- I teach in a middle school :smile:
  4. HS English and Spanish. My school bag is a free "Scholastic Books" messenger for all the crap to correct, and my bag for meetings to hold important papers, lunch, and documents is a Nine West black nylon tote, pretty basic, but looks nice.

    As for purses, that is a different story! :graucho:
  5. I teach elementary art. I carry different handbags to school, which go directly into my desk drawer to stay safe. I alternate between LV Mono Speedy 30, Coach, Brighton, etc. I don't really carry a "school bag" that holds papers and stuff.
  6. I teach at a college,and carry a Coach Gallery Tote for papers, etc. It's really durable and easy to clean when needed.

    Outside of work....LAMB, MJ, Cole Haan, and other Coach bags.
  7. coach briefcase type with shoulder strap and alternate between tano / coach for purse.
  8. Oh sorry...teach elementary
  9. I teach third grade and carry a Coach tote for my computer and papers...but each week I change bags and carry Miu Miu, Prada, BE, Marc Jacobs, Isabella Fiore, Treesje, Bulga Michael Kors, Lockheart, Hayden Harnett, Derek Lam etc...I have a very eclectic colection-one to suit every one of my fancies! :rolleyes:
  10. I teach college and I rotate a few bags--a Coach gallery tote, an Old Navy messenger bag, and a Gap tote. Random I know. Recently I've been carrying my Coach Slim Carly (Christmas present :love:) outside of school.
  11. I teach grad school and I usually carry a nice handbag, nothing too flashy (MJ, RM, etc) and then a really cheap, big tote for my files and papers. A few of the female students inevitably notice the handbags which is fun. :smile:
  12. My work tote for papers and files is a large Longchamp with long straps. It gets tossed on the floor beside my computer every morning. It cleans up super fast with a baby wipe. I am awaiting a LV Neverfull GM but am not sure if it will be my handbag or a work tote.

    As far as handbags:
    I carry my LV and Chloe bags to work.

    I teach Kindergarten.
  13. I teach 9th grade biology and 4th and 5th grade general science and I usually carry a Marc Jacobs Stam:heart::love::heart:(either classic Quilted Topaz, or Patchwork Bordeaux).
  14. I teach high school English and History. I carry a Cole Haan village bucket tote in black leather (large one) to work with me. It is gorgeous and super functional. As for bags, I have a huge variety and rotate all the time...HH, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Cole Haan, etc.
  15. jI am a speech pathologist at two elementary schools. I have a brand new Tano that I have been carrying this week, but usually I carry my Sherpani, which holds all I need. I also rotate with a red Coach. I also pull my briefcase on wheels with my laptop stacked on top.