ATTN sunshine comitee

  1. Going down the street to pick up dinner and seeing the parking lots of shopping centers flooded with people whom had to evacuate from the fires is really breaking my heart. My sister in laws family lost their home this morning and they don't have much to begin with. I would really love to help everyone but don't even know where to begin. I was thinking of making stuff to take to the firefighters or to the station, baked goods and such. But I know all these people need stuff. I was wondering how we could pull something together to help everyone out. It's devastating here and I would like to do whatever I can to help. Think that could be the next project? Where do we begin? :confused1:
  2. that sounds like a great idea I really have no ideawhere to start I guess food and water I'll be keeping an eye on this thread to see were I can help.
  3. I know when a large development in New Mexico caught on fire after a control burn gone horribly wrong they were asking for stuff such as (this is all I can remember, it was years ago that this happened):
    feminine hygiene products
    baby wipes
    dog and cat food / treats (a lot of animals are homeless now and need help too!)
    kitty litter
    dog and cat toys

    If I remember more, I'll repost. Many area stores, schools and fire stations were collecting. i would guess that maybe there's something like that going on in the area of the fires?
  4. OK, So... I have found a website with items needed for the evacuation centers... KZSW TV Homepage. This is the one for my city. The whole urgently needing underwear thing really got to me. I went to WalMart this morning and loaded up 3 carts of childrens underwear and socks and tons of diapers, wipes, formula, and baby blankets. DH and I are leaving to take it to the centers in a few minutes. If anyone else wants to help with anything let me know. There is another list... I will probably tackle this list tomorrow. I just really wanted to take care of the baby items ASAP.
    Anyone who want to donate food, supplies and other miscellaneous items to Rancho Community Church on 31300 Temecula Parkway (79 South), see list of items below. Please visit the parking lot area to unload your donated supplies. Rancho Community Church will now be accepting:
    • chapstick
    • toothbrushes
    • kids toothbrushes
    • toothpaste
    • eye drops
    • antiperspirant
    • sanitary napkins
    • diapers (all sizes)
    • wipes
    • travel size soap
    • travel size shampoo
    • painter’s tape
    • masking tape
    • batteries (AA’s, C’s, D’s)
    • Children’s DVD’s
    • pens
    • clipboards
    • notepads
    • bath towels
    • hair brushes
    • baby formula
    • adult diapers
    • shower shoes
    • baby blankets
    • and bottled water
    • No prepared food can be accepted.
  5. Sorry, for the delay in answering, I have been sick for a few days and not around much.

    Wow, that's awesome! Great job getting the site for us!
    I need to visit the site and see if they accept mail donations...if so I will get something out by tomorrow.

    I also already donated to the American Red cross and earmarked my donation for the fires. They are an amazing organization.

    I don't think logistically it makes sense for my to do this as a sunshine project, because by the time people send stuff to me, they could have just sent it on, kwim?

    I did the collection for the soldiers, so I could build the gift boxes and because I got my husband to donate the shipping overseas.

    But, I will include the link in my next sunshine newsletter :smile:
  6. Thanks so much :smile:
  7. perhaps we could pool our money together and make a big donation to the Red Cross?
  8. Maybe we could make the Red Cross the Purse Forum Charity of the Month?
  9. Ooooh great idea!
  10. I like that idea! Megs, where are youuuu?
  11. I totally agree that we should make the Red Cross the charity of the month. My heart really goes out to all affected by the fires :sad:
  12. I donated to the Red Cross just today. It's just heartbreaking to see all the devastation that occured here. :sad:
  13. I can't afford to donate anything right now, but I asked my dad to make a donation, and he said he would.