ATTN: summer RAOK participants......

  1. I have had a couple people drop out for personal reasons and I have had to juggle around some buddies...........please let me know ASAP (no later than this coming SUNDAY) if you are having any issues where you think you might have to drop out. I don't mind the ones I have had to take care of already but it's getting down to the wire so I need to know soon. :yes:

    Thanks so much and happy RAOK shopping!!

    Remember ladies, packages have to go out July 31st and all tracking info emailed or pm'd to me.

  2. aww i'm sorry to hear people dropping out :sad: I hope things get better for them soon enough if anything is wrong!
  3. I hope you got things straightened out O__O It sucks that some people had to drop out...but anyways, I'm OK with mine...
  4. Yah I'm fine with mine too :yes: