attn stam owners

  1. hi everyone,

    I got my first stam about seven months ago. I loved the style so much that right now I have around seven stams of different style and colors. I just wonder if there is anyone out there have more than one stams and what styles and color. :yes:
  2. Group photo please! :drool:
  3. ^ i agree! i would love to see pictures of your stam family. i have a bordeaux, but i'm in the process of buying a black stam. it looks so great with the gold hardware. i don't think i'm going to be buying more stams though. i'm trying to diversify my collection. anyway, work on those pictures!
  4. allaboutpurses- are you NUTS posting that kind of information w/o including a group picture!!! :wtf: Just kidding!

    Seven wow! I have two. Bronze and icy black both quilted large stams.

    PLEASE post pictures so we can all be envious....
  5. omg i want to see pic~~~~!!!
  6. sorry, I will post pictures soon. I have to resize the pictures to post. My camera seems to take enormous pictures. Please wait. So sorry
  7. *waits patiently for pic* :smile:
  8. of the seven, which color do you wear most often?
  9. how long does it take to resize pictures?
  10. OMG where are you?! We want pics!!!!

    I've always wanted a stam but never could pick out which color. I would love to see all of yours! I'm sure that'll enable me to pick one.