ATTN SPRINT customers - 3 FREE ringtones of your choice!!

  1. not sure when these codes expire, so use them quick.

    Go online to your account and click on DIGITAL LOUNGE. Pick the ringtone you want and then click on the link that says BUY WITH PROMO CODE under the buy now option.

    Enter in the following codes:

    #1: jingle (no caps)

    #2: U6V5R4V8

    #3: mysprint (no caps)
  2. Cool, thanks! I am going to try this now!!
    Edit: it's not working right now, it's says there is a system error. Hopefully it will be fixed!!
  3. I just did all three right before I posted this
  4. hmm guess it went down again. Well try again later, here is the link though for the digital lounge:
  5. SITE IS BACK UP NOW.............go download your ringtones!!
  6. i dont have sprint but my gf does...thanks a lot
  7. thanks!! :smile:
  8. Just be careful to watch your bill. Sprint had free downloads a few months back, I did the dl's and they ended up charging me for them. I had to call a few times before they straightened it out. Save your page where it says your free download is succesful.
  9. Just checked it out and it does mention taking 1 to 2 billing cycles for your credit to appear. You have to keep an eye on Sprint or they'll screw you around sometimes. Cool deal though! Thanks for the tip!
  10. Thank you! I'll try it. Are the ringtones featured in that site are the latest?
    Is there a song that that is not common? Just to be unique... Be different!

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  11. what the heck...i am browsing the site n now just realized this thread is WAYYYY old.