ATTN: separate your returns...A letter from loss prevention no returns w/o receipt.


Dec 30, 2007
Well, I got a different kind of ban letter, no returns with out a receipt. It kind of threw me because it says I made 12 returns for a total of $1000.00 without a receipt to indicate the original purchase information. I just did a transaction like that about a week ago, so I think I know what happened.

If you buy an item and return it, but buy something else on the same receipt & later try to return the second set of items they say that they can't tell what the original purchase was because you have a mixed transaction of credit plus purchase on the same receipt. You have to have the receipt of the item that was returned before to show how you paid for it, otherwise it counts as returns w/o a receipt. I just had this happen with a item that was on my receipt but because I had credits as well I would have had to show those receipts to get my credit card credited for that item. They gave me a gift card instead. Incidentally the purchases outnumbered the returns. There was still money at the end owed, but they can pick & choose what goes with what. So do all your returns cleanly.

I didn't bring those with me because the receipt collection made the manager scream at me that I was a reseller. I've started going in with just one receipt in hand so I won't freak her out. My store always encouraged me to do returns and receipts on the same slip, but I think in the future I am going to separate them so the returns don't muddy up the purchases.

I guess as the saying goes you're damned if you do & damned if you don't. I'll call on Monday or Tuesday & talk to the LP person; the letter asks that you call. It's funny because all my purchases are on the exact same credit card, except at the end of last year I had my card lost & had to replace it. So it's not rocket science to make a paper trail. In most cases the person at the register taking the return saw me buy it the day it was purchased, or most likely was the person who sold it to me in the first place. I want to ask the LP person if she totaled the dollars of how much I spent and kept. That $1000 would pale by comparison.

Incidentally, the letter came addressed to my "family." I scanned & attached it...



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Aug 19, 2009
I hate returning because I always come out of the store with something else
and with all those receipts piling up one on the top of another it's kind of embarrassing
bringing all the receipts in.....I have never received any kind of letter so that's good


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Jun 8, 2007
Twin Cities, MN
Wow! The amount of energy COACH expends coming up with all these different scenarios for their "letters" is getting out of hand! I usually exchange for another item and always have every receipt with me( its quite the book). I just hand them all to the SA and make them go through them to find the info they seek. But I will keep all transactions independent from now on. Thanks for the heads up Liz! Good luck with LP.


Dec 30, 2007
I know I have a book of receipts too. I have been winding down on my purchases & I guess this will help. If you buy less you return less. :smile: The goofy thing is they are on my receipts but they don't want to see me march in with all of them.


Aug 26, 2009
Austin TX
I agree. I guess we will have to be EXTRA careful and only buy what we know we want! My SA are always try to push stuff on me too, saying, "you can always return it if you change your mind"...
Coach just needs to have no returns without receipt if they are so concerned. It would save a lot of there time!


Feb 28, 2008
Thanks for posting this, it makes a lot of sense when you explain it.

Once I had two things to return and I had bought them at different times using different credit cards. I wanted to return them and use the credit for both towards a new purchase, but the SA insisted that I could only use credit for one item and the other would just be a regular return with the money going back on my card. I thought he was just being anal, but it looks like there was a reason for it.


Jun 12, 2006
Sorry you got yelled at... and got a letter to boot! That's horrible! I would find another store too, if possible. Keep us posted.


Sep 6, 2006
i am sorry you got the letter

and i am a bit confused

it shouldn't matter if you mix it or not..if you have a receipt you have a receipt, if you don't you don't, it will can return 3 stuff from 3 different receipts (one from each) on the SAME transaction and even do a return without a receipt and it will clearly show the info

every time an associate wants to return something, they press a button and it will ask if you have a receipt, if you press yes, and you then scan the receipt and then scan the item. if you want to return another item..whether same receipt or will have to press the button AGAIN and it will ask again, do you have a receipt.

you press yes, and this time it will have another pop up that says, 'is it the same receipt? if you say yes, then you will scan in the other item after, if you say no, it will pop up with another box where you can scan in the NEW receipt's info, and then proceed to scan in the next item from that receipt

either way the system is designed so that it works document everything..IF it is done properly. and that outlet manager should NOT have been 'acting' sdlkfjsldkfjsfdl in the sense to rush you and make you have to end up returning without a receipt when you did have one.


Dec 30, 2007
Ms-whitney, That day I was referring to with the manager was the big bruhaha I posted about between Christmas & the New Year. I don't want to revive it. I agree she was wrong. But apparently she turned me in anyway & Coach found something to send a letter over. $1000 in returns that's about 4 items if they were good deals, seriously...


Sep 6, 2006
i cannot comment on stuff like that since i don't really know but i have a strong feeling she seems like she is out to get you--

and i think that if she was taken out of the equation--it would not be so bad. those four items are a huge chunk of what they're stating in that letter no?


i would definitely have gone back with the receipts and make sure she 'rights' it but at this point, i think going to someone else would be better. i don't think this letter is as big of a deal as the others, but its a matter of principle on your part, esp if you do have the receipt kwim?


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Aug 25, 2009
well lizzy,,

this certainly didnt make my night happy to see that another letter has been handed down.

I am looking forward to hearing back from you , how your phone all goes with coach.

when you wrote that.. it was addressed to your family

did it say

Resident of abcxyz

Family of Lizmil

very curious why they sent it in that matter, hhhm,, If you can remember can you ask them , that very question.

I also find it interesting that the letter head isnt personal either , its just a generic letter then anyone can send to any random customer

My thoughts are that if Cynthia Linke acutually took the time to cross reference all your purchases and returns, throughout your purchase history before she sent you the letter, then by all means at least have the curtesy to put your name on the letter and envelope.


I am sorry this letter was sent to you, but i am very sure this is not going to be the last letter we hear about ,,, its seems Coach is on a Mission, to spank thier customers behinds.

I hope you get this matter cleared up and you can be off to shop again
Dec 28, 2009
do you know which store prompted this letter?? i am curious...

That is just a TERRIBLE story...I feel sorry for you. I am now wondering if I will get a letter :nuts:

I think everyone returns a lot of things (including me...i am just indecisive and need time to think about it - I think that is NORMAL!)

AND..YES the SA do encourage everyone to "just buy it and take it home..if you change your mind you can bring it back."
That is what ticks me off the most about these "Letters." If they want to handle their business this way then:

1. They are going to lose a lot of customers/business (including me)
2. They need to train the SA to say, "Now choose carefully, because we don't like to get returns." And you may be punished if you have too many returns!

ok....rant over :rant: