attn! SAN DIEGANS looking for spiaggia!

  1. Just got off with "sue" from macy's, fashion valley. THEY HAVE SPIAGGIA, AND JUST GOT IT IN TODAY! They only have buon viaggio, dolce, and campeggio right now, no denaros or anything like that.

    just thought i'd let you know! :yahoo:
  2. Thank you aribobarixxx for the information on Spiaggia at Fashion Valley! I have been watching the PF posts for updates on Tokidoki in SD. Finding this forum has been a bad influence on my wallet!
  3. ehehehe...bad for the wallet indeed. :graucho:

    we can say: tokidoki is MY anti-drug.
  4. my own co-worker didn't call me? LOL. i forgot which co-worker i told to contact me if anything new comes in.. oh well :x

    thanks for the update! :]!!! woo hoo the time to get one is coming soon!
  5. haha I was going to say something to you... you need to get on top of those coworkers :p when do you work btw and did you ever tell me which dept you were a part of?
  6. daaaaang, their friends and family sale ended. :p maaaaan, i don't know if i should go check it out then... because if i see a good placement, i just might buy it! :sad:
  7. ohh peachfuzz, lemme know when you see any MMs! =)
  8. ^i'll let you know! i think i will go shopping around today for spiaggias :biggrin:!!! somewhere else has to have it too... hmm...
  9. anyone know if they have spiaggia at the utc macy's?
  10. i called them earlier.. the lady went and checked but saw nothing new :/
  11. :[ does anyone else know about any other macy*s with spiaggias in? ..i'm tired of calling all the macy*s and talking to people that don't really know much. or put me on hold for daaaaaayyysss! >:[!!!!
  12. Today I went to a few stores. Horton Plaza Macy's got in a great selection of Spiaggias. I saw Bellas, Giocos, Campeggios, Portatelefono, Stellina, Zuccas, BVs, Canguros, Stellinas, Bambinone, Ciao Ciao, Luna, Scuola, Nuvola, I thought I saw a Dolce. NO Caramellas, Denaros, MMs, or Ciao. They also had a good selection of L'Amores, Pirata and Adios.
    Macy's Fashion Valley. I saw some Spiaggias. Not as many as Hortons. Bloomingdales only had L'Amore, Pirata and Adios. I was able to pick up a L'Amore Ciao yay!
    Macy's Mission Valley -same selection as Bloomies.. L'amore, Pirata, Adios. I didn't get a chance to check at the Grossmont Macy's. Usually they have alot to select from cause not that many people go to that mall!
  13. ^you went to fashion and didn't stop by impulse to say hi to me? :[!!!!!! LOL jk. that's so funny! you went to fashion.. more than likely i was working! and you went to mission valley.. so did i! after work. haha. (mission valley is scary :/ i don't like that mall.......)

    dang! i called horton but i guess they were too busy and didn't pick up their phone... i have to go tomorrow!!!! O_O!!!! it's a MUST! i hate driving downtown but i'll do it!
  14. OHhh shoot!! I completely forgot dangit!! Were you there today?? Upstairs right??? Aw man! Ok i have to remember that! Yes I was there around 230ish. In fact I went back there again around 6ish to return something! I hate that Target is on one end of MV and Macy's and the rack are on the other end!
    Yeah i hate those guys that work behind the cellphone kiosk to try to get you to see their plans. I always pretend i'm on my cell whenever I walk by those cell phone booths hahah!
    Yes go to Hortons. They had a alot of Spiaggias. I was surprised. I was good and I didn't buy anything! Well the lady did hold a cute BV for me. So i have until tomorrow to get it. I shouldn't tho..:push:

  15. okay okay you convinced me! i HAVE to go tomorrow HAHAHAHA!