Attn Rehabbers! 3 More Savers Stores opening in Chicago area!

  1. I've been to the Savers stores in Lombard and Naperville (and there may be others in the Chicago-area) but tomorrow they are opening stores in Arlington Heights, Orland, and Carol Stream. Happy hunting!

    780 W Dundee Rd

    1231 N Gary Ave

    15625 94th Ave
  2. We don't even have ONE in my city, and you get 3 MORE?? Dang... *totally jellie*
  3. The closest Savers to me is in another country (Canada.)
  4. I shoulda clarified better... Not only are there none in my city, there are none in my state either. Nor the state I visit most often. Argh!!
  5. They're planning on opening 100 more stores in the next few years, so keep hoping! :smile:

  6. If you drive through NH, they are in Nashua & Manchester.
  7. they are called Value Village in some areas, so maybe you have one under that name?
  8. humph, nothing under any name within 50 miles.
  9. Thanks! Yes there are Value Villages in my area.
  10. Well, let's hope things get better as they get donations and inventory, because what the Orland Park store had today looked like mostly rejects from the other stores. Banged-up pots and pans, and nothing in handbags except a pink Coach Demi of some kind that I didn't even check to see if it was real, and a ridiculously obvious fake Chanel in lovely black vinyl. All the bags and wallets were just on hangers on a rack along one wall, and nothing else even was worth a longer look. I need to check out the Downers store one of these days.

    The place was jammed but at least all the registers were open so there wasn't much of a wait, but all I found was an addition to my Lock & Lock collection. :shucks:
  11. Well, lock&lock is good stuff! Some days I go there and find nothing and other days they have some great choices but I always see some fakes. I hope that the selection will get better soon. Where is it located in Orland? From the address I'm thinking that it is a little south and west of the Orland Square Mall.
  12. Due south of it actually. The street it's on feeds right into one of the side entrances of the mall on 151st Street. There are a lot of strip malls plus a Target on the street and it's also accesses the back entrance to the other mall just south of Orland Square, can't remember the name right now.
  13. Thanks! I forgot to mention. Be sure and check the items that they keep up-front under protective custody - you have to ask to see them. There are usually some Coach bags there but they are often marked higher than the bags on hangers along the wall, even the fake ones! I always check these out but I may not buy them until there is a sale.

    For instance, that Legacy Straw Tote that you authenticated for me yesterday. It was marked $29.99 and it was squished out of shape, so I passed the first time I saw it. It was still there when I went back on Monday during the 25% off sale so I bought it for $22.50.

    I try and stay at $20 or less for my rehab projects, but sometimes I decide that the bag is worth more. Good luck!
  14. Thanks, I didn't even see anything that looked like a restricted area up front, but it was so crowded around the registers that I didn't look too closely. Maybe I'll go back in a week or two once the crowds have died down. By "up front" do you mean by the registers?
  15. In the store I usually go to (Lombard or Downers Grove at 22nd and Highland) At the front of the store, just passed the registers and near the changing rooms, there is a section with glass cases. They usually have jewelry in the cases and some purses hanging on a rack behind the cases. You have to ask a SA to show them to you.