ATTN: QVC shoppers!!! (they carry Dooney & Bourke)-> READ THIS!!!!

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  1. QVC is running a special for Monday Feb. 2nd (Groundhog's Day)!!!
    Everything shown ON AIR and purchased at is eligible for 4 easy payments!!! That means all the great handbags, Proactive solution and all the great other brands they have online can be split into 4 payments on your CC or debit card!!! QVC does have to approve but I'm quite sure that 95% of the general public are eligible...they must make sure your card isn't over the limit or anything! It dosen't actually require actual credit from QVC, just your own CC!!!!!!!!

    Happy shopping!!! I bet their website will be blowing UP...I know I'll be snagging a few items!!!!

    ENJOY!!! :yahoo:
  2. #2 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
    Thank you! I just ordered one judith jack ring and one judith ripka ring!!!

    Okay, so I went back and bought one more ring. A black hills Dakota rose open-work sterling/12k ring. Two rings waitlisted, so hopefully I receive them soon (hopefully they ship!)
  3. You will love the BH Dakota rose ring, i've had mine a couple of months now and love love it.:tup:
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    ^^ that is good to know! I hope they ship it soon. I also bought just one more ring. The BH east/west coral ring. Okay so that is 4 rings from QVC. I don't plan to buy anthing more from them for a while. Hopefully both waitlisted rings come though.

    The rings I ordered:heart::wtf::drool::

    1) Black hills gold coral ring
    2) Black hills gold Dakota ring (waitlisted)
    3) judith jack amethyst and diamond ring
    4) judith ripka sterling silver and onyx ring (waitlisted)

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  6. ^^ I'm glad I am getting great feedback on these rings I picked out! That definitely makes me feel better about ordering these rings. I have never ordered from QVC before, but have looked on their site many times. I really wanted some of the pieces, but never ordered. THe easy pay set up made me decide WTH and go on an order. If I don't like I can always mail back. So far, the feedback has been good, so I really can't wait to receive my rings!!!
  7. Thank you!!!! I was able to get a pair of Hello Kitty Diamonique earrings and a body shaper for my wedding!