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  1. Hey I was looking for a chanel purse that I am not quite sure what the name of it is but I know it had the word medallion in it lol I tried messaging you but your box was full...Someone told me that you had one and you posted pictures of yours but I was wondering if you could show me which post or just the picture since you have quite a lot of posts haha If this is too personal I understand but how much would that purse actually go for? Also I see you're a nursing student what year? too except I am in Boston hah OK well thanks for your time !!!
  2. CSC, it would be much more effect if you went to your Private Messages panel (click upper right corner) and sent her a PM. She might miss this message.
  3. I think she said her box is full.
    I haven't seen her on much lately, but it's the Medallion Tote - it's in caviar leather, she has it in black w/ silver.
    You can do an "Advanced Search" enter her name and type in Medallion, it'll pull up her posts about it ;)

    edited to add: they retail for $1650.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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