Attn: Pomeranian Experts! i've got a Q for u~!


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Jan 31, 2006
Montreal, Quebec.
i keep hearing the term 'Foxy faced' and 'Teddy bear faced' every time i come across anything that has to do with poms.... what does it mean anyways?? :s

i'm vaguely aware of the differences in the way their head looks, i mean, it's something like the 'apple head' chihuahua vs. the 'deer head' chihuahua, correct? but what i know is the show standard is actually the apple head... what's the case with the poms? :confused1:

i've read somewhere that the 'classic' pom have the foxy face and a flatter longer coat whereas the 'modern' look is the teddy bear face with a fluffy coat... any truth to that? help? :shrugs:

TIA everyone~! :flowers:



Sep 21, 2007
Yeah, I've heard that too. My mom has always had poms. It has something to do w/ nose length too, I think. I think of the teddy bear faced poms as having a shorter, more squashed face, w/ a shorter nose as well. I don't know if the foxy face is more classic or not, but I know all the poms we had before 2000 had the more defined noses, different coats, etc. The teddy bear "look" may be what breeders are going for now, not sure.


Feb 18, 2008
Emma is a fox-faced Pomeranian. Her nose is fairly long and her eyes are very almond-shaped. I would even say her head looks like a triangle.

Teddy-bear faced Poms have huge round eyes and their muzzles are more squashy or short.

There's another kind that's called baby-faced, but I'm not sure what sets that apart. I think most Poms are Teddy or Fox.

I've noticed that a lot of the Poms with straighter sleeker hair is fox-faced but the super fro-y ones are often teddy-bear-faced.