ATTN! PINK Lovers!!!!!!

  1. I have a feeling we're going to be seeing a ton of pink this spring! :yahoo:
  2. It's scarf hippie's cousin! But is the inside pink? Inquiring minds want to know. :yes:

  3. I don't know!! I hope it is pink inside!!! :love:
  4. cute except i don't like the way the c's are... look at the bottom- in between this --> --------
    -------- kwim ? lol they're like wavy......otherwise that bow is adorable!

  5. Wow I totally didn't see this before.. I wonder why they do that :confused1: Sometimes the bags look slightly different in person than in the pics. Someone needs to order it so I can see if it's pink inside and if it really does this.:lol:
  6. I wish they would start selling those little scarves separately! The ponytail scarves are good for bags, but those little ones are just perfect!
  7. The scarf on this (assuming it's the same as on the hippie and it looks like it is) is night as nice as the regular scarves. It's polyester probably to hold up better on the bag.
  8. If it's the one with pink inside, that's the one I saw months ago that's limited edition for Hawaii and Vegas (and probably Japan). The SA had told me there were only like 25 of them made...
  9. I hope so. I love pink.
  10. That is a beautiful bag! I hope we see more lovely pink things from Coach.
  11. Yeah I noticed that too.. wonder why they make it like that? it almost looks fake at that area :shrugs:
  12. Oooh that's so cute *-*
  13. It is very cute but I'd like to know if the inside is pink too? That would be lovely!
  14. YAY!!! I love pink. That is so cute