ATTN: patent leather bag owners!! question!

  1. I need some feedback on the coach patent leather line!

    I saw a stunning ruby patent leather tote on sale at macys yesterday for 278- 10% off and i need help deciding if i should get it..

    What are the pros and cons of this type of leather? How well does it hold up compared to normal leather any special treatments? duriability? I never owned anything like it before.

    The bag has been returned 3 times.. (3 return stickers) but i dont think it was used due to the stuffing in the side pockets are still there.. There is a sligh worn crease on the side of the bag from being held over and over. (drools over the ruby color)

    btw.. when did this bag come out?

    thanks in advance..
  2. Im sorry I dont own one "yet" but I have heard nothing but wonderful things about each and every one. Lots of girls here own them and adore them. I'm next I hope.
  3. OMG pond color? that is so pretty!! i just fell in love with the ruby blood red color =P i looked on eBay and i think i regret not buying it, its like 300-350 on there.. i just am not sure.. OMG!! please i need info!
  4. I own three patent Ergo hobos and I love them. They just wipe clean and can go out in any weather. I would be concerned about a bag that has been returned three times though. Funny, I have never seen return stickers on Macy's merchandise before. The bag you are considering is a great bag-I would just THOROUGHLY inspect it before buying it. Good Luck!
  5. Yeah 3 return stickers! it was 30% off thats why.. sales rack lol.. its been handled.. due to a crease on the side from putting it under your arm.. i get -10% for that hehe

    does it scaratch easily? i like the fact it can go in any weather.. i have to worry about my sig bags..

    oh yeah no zipper on this one.. the newer sig version has one.. =(
  6. Did you want pond info?
  7. OH my.. so pretty.. *thinks* does it come in the gallery tote style i am after? I already have a hobo.. =)
  8. I have had no problems with the Coach patent leather. It is a crushed patent that holds up very well. I am not a fanatic with my bags but I am careful about not throwing them around or letting them rub against something that would scratch them.
    I have to disagree with you about the signature bags. That fabric is so durable and can really take a beating. Coach has a cleaner just for it and it can definitely take the wet weather.
  9. [​IMG]This is the ergo tote (turquoise) it will be coming in the patent pond also along with the hobo.
  10. I mainly meant rain! ive soaked a bag before. and it felt icky until it dried hehe

    and kimmie, i had that tote a month ago in lrg sig but i returned it due to the fact it was too big. when i bought it, i saw a light brown version and it was all scratched up. i did consider it in med especially in that color!! just worried about scratches.. =( but great future color choice. its definitally rivaling the ruby red i am in love with now.:love:

    so anyone.. does the patent leather scratches up easily?
  11. Patent leather holds up great. If you get smudges on it, just spray some windex on some newspaper or a cloth and wipe it off.
  12. And no the patent doesn't scratch hardly at all. It's one of the most durable types of bag you could have. And it looks great all slouchy and wrinkly.
  13. just don't get a sticker or anything like that on it.
  14. lol sticker.. how could that ever happen?!?!?

    yeah i think i want it now.. i do remember the slight wrinkle/crease looking rather decent on it from the handling..

    going to call to make sure they have it!!!
  15. thanks everyone for their answers.. the bag is on hold and i will be picking it up soon!! i kept talking about it to my mom and finally she told me to shut up and just go buy it =)

    the comment that really made up my mind was the even if its wrinkled it still looks good! since its been handled that concerned me!