ATTN NYC: Hidden shoe find!

  1. So I was walking home from work yesterday and found this hole in the wall shoe store with fantabulous deals that I HAD to share with my Purse Forum shoe ladies. I had been looking for new shoes and boots for a while and kept being disappointed with C-21's offerings and prices (as I mention here all the time, I usually do quite well there but not when I look for something in particular).

    The place is called Anbar shoes and its located on 60 Reade Street (north side of the street between Broadway and Church - this is about 8 short blocks north of C-21 if you are looking at their shoes and strike out, I highly recommend walking north). Their normal prices are good but when they are having a sale, they are GREAT!!! I seriously had to restrain myself because I still have LOTS of Christmas shopping left to do. But I ended up getting a pair of Kors Jagger suede boots for $70 (orig. $295) and a pair of Donald J. Pliner calf skin wedges for $64 (orig. $215).

    The store has shelf after shelf of shoes laid out one next to the other without a lot of rhyme, reason or organization but crowds are relatively small so you shouldn't have to push - just give yourself ample time to browse. If you dig around, I saw several pairs of Prada, YSL, Pucci, and Miu Miu just to name a few of the high end designers that they carry for never much more than $100 per pair. Unfortunately, none of what I loved at the high end range was in my size. I saw a pair of TDF Miu Miu brown suede high heeled lace up boots for $130 on one of the downstairs "last pair" sale racks that were unfortunately a whole size too small for me. After I managed to wedge my foot in their for try-on purposes, I spent 20 minutes staring at them in the mirror, wondering if there was a way that I could make it work (the obvious answer was no).

    Anyways, if any NYC girls are in the area, I HIGHLY recommend spending an hour here (but dont' bother glancing at the dozen or so purses - blech, blech, blechity blech).

    ETA: Just found the Miu Miu boots on sale for twice as much at Bluefly:
    Bluefly - Find Women's Designer Boots at discount prices at - #2036136 - Miu Miu brown suede lace up ankle boots
  2. Oh wow-those are hot! what size was it that didn't fit you? Oh-and thanks for the tip!
  3. Thanks for all the details! I've never been to Anbar, but I do remember a friend telling me about it a few years ago. I had completely forgotten about it until I read your post. At the time, my friend raved about it because she had gotten some amazing shoes there for a fraction of the price.
  4. The ones I posted a link to were in a 7.5. I should have said that. They also had some gorg Prada pumps and Pucci winter boots in sizes 10 and larger in addition to a pair of basic Miu Miu black boots in 9.5. They had a lot of other stuff too, those were just the things I specifically remember being bummed about.
  5. do you know if they're current or near current season styles or ones from season's past?
  6. squeak I may have to go in after the holidays and try my luck!!!

    thank you
  7. There was definitely a hodge podge of styles. I think the general trend was similar to C-21 in that the higher end the shoes, the older the styles generally are but there is definitely an assortment. I think that they have more current items generally when they are not having a mad crazy sale like they are right now. I would guess that the more current items are the first to go out the door when the sale starts.
  8. they do carry a lot of current shoes, but they generally are sold almost as soon as they come in. you have to go there regularly to get the relatively current high end shoes.
  9. im going to tell my mom this thanks! she loves shoes!
  10. Nishi621, aren't YOU a 7.5???:nuts:
  11. I really must forget that I read this...I'm a shoe whore.
  12. Lucky ladies in NY :smile:
  13. Thanks! I'm going to have to check it out
  14. HOT HOT HOT!!! i wish i could walk in this :crybaby:
  15. Your very nice to share your find. I have to admit, I keep my finds to myself. Love you guys, but fashion finds and competition dont work for me! LOL