ATTN: NYC dog owners, please help!


Sep 18, 2006
Hi everyone,
I have a maltese pup and a yorkie pup that both need to be spayed soon. I live in Queens and have been taking them to my local vet in Great Neck which seems fine. However for the spay surgery I want my pups to have the best, they are both under 4 pounds and I would like a vet that is used to operating on small dogs. I am also strongly considering laser surgery. I have made an appointment with West Chelsea Veterinary Hospital which I found based on positive reviews. I have Dr. Jillian Pagano.
Also, up until now I've been taking my 2 dogs to my local vet, they're all up to date on vaccinations and check ups and my vet said they're ready to be spayed. Is there any need to bring them in for consultation before spay then to west chelsea? I was told itd be 90 dollars for each dog which is a separate cost from the actual spay surgery. Of course I'd like to meet with Dr. Pagano before the procedure but its an awful lot of money when they've already been okay-ed for spaying by another vet. Do you think its advisable to just schedule the surgery at west chelsea without bringing my dogs in for check up first?
Oh yea and if anybody knows any other vets in NYC that pple are raving about esp for spaying please let me know. thanks!
Mar 24, 2007
- NyC -
Sorry but I can't help you there. I care a lot about my dog and she was spayed by the ASCPA. I don't think you need to make a big deal about but your doing the right thing and just care for your dogs afterwards.


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Apr 24, 2006
Just make sure that whoever spays your dogs does pre-surgical blood work on them. It will tell you if the dog is OK to be put under the anesthesia.

I also recommend having your dogs microchipped (if they aren't already) when they are under the anesthesia for their surgery so they don't feel it :smile:
Jan 27, 2007
I know nothing about NYC or small dogs (lol) but I wanted to reccommend the laser spaying surgery. It was ridiculous how much faster the healing time was between my cat that was spayed the old fashioned way and my dog who was laser spayed. My dog was back to normal in a day, it took my cat a week at least to feel okay to walk around much.