Attn NYC and Long Island who want Amore...

  1. Hello,

    I was at my Mom's house out in Douglaston, NY (bet. Bayside and Little Neck) and the Macy's on Douglaston Pkwy has lots of Amore in stock. I was there about 3 weeks ago and there was nothing but today I hit the jackpot. I picked up my Amore Gioco and am incredibly happy.

    Here is the inventory on the shelves:

    2 Amore giocos left
    4 Amore stellinas
    2 Amore Campeggio
    4 Spaggia bambinone (the one with 2 zippers on top)
    3 Spaggia stellinas
    2 Spaggia Campeggio
  2. ooh! where they on sale or regular price?
  3. They are at regular prices. But I was ok with that because that is the print I'm totally in love with right now and like want every bag in that print. I also wasn't having much luck in finding it online and on eBay (very few on eBay recently). I paid way over retail for my Amore Zucca (which I'm ok with because I can't seem to find it in the stores), so paying retail is a bargain to me right now. LOL.

  4. ldjflsdjgljg NOOOO!!! D: Amore PLEASE come upstate. I want an amore gioco/zucca D:
  5. Dancing Nancies, they have amore gioco for 20% off at karmaloop with the code, i wrote it in the deals sticky
  6. Ah yes... I'd totally be all over it... I just don't have the monies :crybaby: I dream, though :p
  7. Swtest2lips - I tried last night and they were out of stock with the Amore Gioco's by the time I checked put. I was very put out. But much happier this afternoon.