Attn (non-JPG) Birkin Owners: Question about Glides..

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  1. Do they look like hooks on all sizes? Or just the 30 cm?

    Shows you what little I know...:p I only have a JPG and assumed in all of my wildlife sightings, that the glides were loops for all birkins.

    So you can imagine my surpise when I saw the difference on a 30 cm... :confused1:

    I also tried on a 35 cm but didn't remember to check the glides as I was too distracted by how its enormous tsize. It looked like I held a minature fridge against me. :shrugs:

    Btw, do you find it hard to let the straps flap about w/ thise 2/3 glides?

    And is it too much strain on the flaps if you lock them in place but have the flap tucked in?

  2. Yes, only the JPG shoulder birkin has the close-up strap guides. Classic birkins all have open strap guides, "hooks" as you call it, for a lack of better description.

    I cannot let the straps flap about. It's not too. Instead I rest the straps on the straps guides but of course by doing this, I get scratches on my strap hardware but I am ok with it. It's too disturbing for me to see straps flapping about.

    Nope, not too much strain to secure the straps at the turnlock. But it does restrict the access into the birkin for 25cm and 30cm. It seems pretty alright for the larger sizes.
  3. Thanks! You're a doll. I used to let them flap about but now prefer the "flap in, strapped up" method. Much cleaner IMO.
  4. i like the floppy straps myself, it kind of goes against the rigid look of the bag :p but it bugs other people. whenever they play with my bag they always tuck the straps in the glides!