ATTN: new yorkers

  1. i was thinking we should organize a meet in manhattan in the fall. we can meet up at the mj collection boutique and shop and get lunch/dinner. anyone interested? :yahoo:
  2. That's not a bad idea! I'm down!
  3. ^ yeah i noticed some other tpf'ers meeting up in cali, so i figured we could do the same!
  4. great idea! i would definitely be down. sounds like fun!
  5. boohooooo, i'm in michigan. i've gotta move to ny or cali, pronto. all the cool stuff happens in those places, the folks in the rest of the random states always feel left out.
  6. ^ sorry :sad:
  7. whats a good date for you? should we plan for a weekend meeting, since a lot of us are in school/work during the week?
  8. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
    I'm sad.
    I live in Atlanta.
    Anyone here????
  9. Im Down :smile:
  10. I'm down too, but I mean down in the dumps. I don't live near NYC. Poop! Anyone going to be in Las Vegas in February? My mom (tPF member Mushroom) and I are going to be doing some serious shopping out there and we'd welcome some company!
  11. please PM me if any of you ladies are interested. im really serious about putting this together. :smile:
  12. Ill sticky this for u!
    Id go!
  13. ^ thanks so much jill :smile:

    so far tadpolenyc is the only one whos PM'ed me about the meet.
  14. i'd love to do a meet-up!
    the only problem is i run a boutique and i'm there every day (12-8) but mon/tues... which would make a weekend mtg. impossible!
    on sundays i close at 6:30, so that's a little better... but regardless, if there's a day and time that work well for everyone i can try to adjust my schedule.
    there's always room for a little marc, right:tup:
  15. we are thinking about doing the meet-up maybe on october 14? its a sunday. so far its just you, me, and tadpolenyc. ha, that ryhmes :roflmfao: