ATTN New Yorkers!

  1. Hi

    Can anyone recommend any good realtors in NY? Website addresses would be helpful then I can do a search online.

    Thanks y'all!
  2. where in NY are you looking?

    If your looking on SI would reccomend my father but that may be seen as nepotism.

    Have you tried just looking at what is available on
  3. helped me find my apt. 5 years ago! avoid citi habitats like the plague.
  4. Also, Corcoran is really popular and well-established here.
  5. are you looking in staten island?
  6. Where are you looking to purchase? It make a huge difference!
  7. really depends on location and budget.
  8. where in NY? upstate, westchester, one of the boroughs, long island... ;)
  9. It really depends where youre looking and what kind of place it is.. house, apt etc?
  10. I second :tup:

    They have the best database setup--lots of photos, and they give detailed descriptions of apts.
  11. I live in Brooklyn-I can recommend people here-but, not sure if that is where you are looking
  12. QUEENS rules! But really, if you want to live in a particular neighborhood, sometimes it's best to find a really local realtor.
  13. sorry guys I haven't been logged on for a while... I will check out the websites mentioned above. Thanks so much!