Attn New Yorkers - Pls Help!

  1. Hi guys! I'm in NYC for the weekend and I so EXCITED visit the Marc Jacobs stores. I noticed that there are two stores: 395 Bleecker St. and 163 Mercer St. - which store has a better collection of bags? TIA!
  2. mercer street is the collection shop and the bleecker streets stores are marc by marc jacobs... have fun!
  3. hit both!
  4. Thanks guys! I just visited the Mercer street location and picked up a ZC in Bordeaux. I'll def be hitting the Bleecker street location tomorrow!
  5. mercer has better collection of bags - bleecker is ... better for... prices lol (note: i went yesterday - labor day - its tiny-and i mean TEEEEENNNYYY- and it was a MADHOUSE)