Attn Nail Polish Devotees: What nail polish are you wearing with your RM?

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    Hey, Minkettes!

    Many of us also love nail polish, and we thought it would be fun to share what nail polish we are wearing with our RM.

    So tell us, what RM are you carrying and what are you wearing on your tips and/or toes?

    What are your favorite RM/np combos?

    If you have pics, especially with your RM, post them!

    If you are looking for a nail polish to match or coordinate with an RM color, just ask!

    RMOTD - RM of the day
    NOTD - nails (tips) of the day
    POTD - pedi (toes) of the day

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    OK – I’ll start.

    RMOTD - Peacock Nikki
    NOTD - OPI Isn’t it Romantic?, a sheer and slightly shimmery pale pink
    POTD - OPI Tazmanian Devil Made Me Do It, an orange-red crème

    My favorite combos:
    Deep Red MAM - OPI Got the Blues for Red, the perfect matching red
    AOTRMs (all of the RMs) - OPI You Don't Know Jacques!, a medium taupey-grey creme
  3. Fun thread! i got a pedi last weekend, and got my toes done emerald green to match my emerald mab i've been wearing... It was from China Glaze but don't know the exact color name :sad:
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    Maybe I can guess - did it have shimmer? Possibly Gussied Up Green.
  5. des, you pedi sound so cool!

    i have pink and white acrylics---so french---goes w/ all RM's!
    toes are not done yet---when it warms up a bit :smile:
  6. love you combo's! i should do OPI I'm Not Really a Waitress to go w/ Scarlet Mini Nikki.
  7. Awesome thread!! Can't wait to post my combos!
  8. Yes susan! It does have a little shimmer.... it looks EXACTLY like RM's emerald!

    ETA: my nails are pink/white solar... so that matches everything :p
  9. Cute!

    RMOTD: Studded Devote
    NOTD: Don't wear nail polish most of the time
    POTD: Midnight in Moscow....My favorite! Almost black but not really!
  10. Fun thread!

    But am I slow? Why can't I figure out those abbreviations?

    I will just say that yall know my thiing for brown bags. Well I am the same way with Essie pink nail polishes. Like 50 bottles of the same light pink shades. I'm so boring!!!
  11. i had Midnight in Moscow on last week----love it!
  12. hahahaha
    rm of the day
    nail of the day
    pedi of the day

  13. Thanks Tracy!!

    That makes sense.
  14. LOL, I would have never got that!
  15. Ok, I only own one RM right now, seagreen mam. I'll either wear "im with brad" or "metro chic" both are from Sephora by Opi