Attn. Miroir Owners-Stiches start to ripped!?

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  1. LMFAO OMG!!!! U MADE MY DAY!!! :roflmfao: HAHA!!!! Thanks!
  2. Michelle1025-Thank you for the pix! IMO, i feel much safer for vachetta to have this type of crease than PVC, because its nothing for vachetta, but could be deadly for PVC. One TPFer mentioned about eventually it might have bubbles is what spooks me the most:wtf:
    LOL i think it's really time to:back2topic: !
  3. I got my Pap yesterday and there is alread LIGHT creasing but it doesnt worry me, doesn't look like it will bubble, the only thing scaring me is if after sometime if this little creases will eventually crack and rip! :wtf: But is there some kind of PLASTIC conditioner we can use on it? haha It sounds stupid but I dunno haha! I feel so dumb for asking!