Attn. Miroir Owners-Stiches start to ripped!?

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  1. :sad:
  2. So what is it made of? :nuts:
  3. spooky, good thing i bought the pochette from Saks, so at least i have 60 days to return ^^;
  4. I think it's normal for the ripples to occur.......
    My SA today also said that you can easily get DENTS in the papillons cuz of the zipper or something, and she showed me the 'dent' which I thought was nothing. I'm not a picky person AFTER i make a purchase (but while doing the purchase I am lol). I've never returned anything, even though sometimes I'm not 100% satisfied, eg. LE Onatah Cuir's zipper started to peel, blah, big deal, I peeled off the peels lol. I htink most people obssess over the fact that you pay 1000+ for a bag and expect it to remain forever flawless like the day you bought it. C'mon people, it's a BAG, you use it, wear it out, throw it away, and buy a new bag. Unless there's some serious defects like... every single stitch popping out in ALL places, or the bag randomly splits apart when you don't even use it during the first month, then bring it back.
    just MY opinion
  5. Lol..well I knew it was lambskin already but I wanted to confirm it with them which ended up being a bad idea. They actually started a little argument between themselves as to whether it was calfskin or lambskin. :rolleyes:

  6. my dearest SA told me that only complaints they got was the material started to bubble air bubbles outside the bag!!! oh no!:wtf:
  7. i am glad that i have not purchased the bag from ebay and payed hundreds more. i would be soooooooo mad. if we are all paying good money for these bags they should be mad perfect. if i wanted something cheap i would buy something cheap.
  8. OMG this is bad!

  9. do you have pics for reference? thanks!
  10. Do you think this cracking or shall I say creasing of the inside handles of the papillon will ever occur on the outter part of the straps???
  11. Im getting a PAP for XMAS! OH NO! I wonder if it starts to crack and peel a few months down the road, can I go complain?
  12. ITA.
  13. I do have creasing but I never though much about it until now!?! :wtf: LOL

  14. Your post does make sense about the material and stitching. I also agree about the quality of LV. Is is just me, or does it seem that with any new launch of LE items, there seems to be problems? Cherries and pandas fading/scratching off, mc bags chipping ( I know it's not LE), and now problems with these lovely bags. To be honest, I am really scared to buy anything besides the basic LV line.
  15. it's plastic. even the best plastic will not be durable the way leather is, which ages nicely and stretches to accomodate wear and tear and stitching. that's why i would never pay that much for a bag that isn't leather, no matter who the designer is. at least the prada nylon bags are really tough and resistant, even if they are a rip-off. i think designers just count on the fact that there are enough people out there that will buy the bags just because of the brand, so they can get away with crappy quality.