Attn. Miroir Owners-Stiches start to ripped!?

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  1. :crybaby: :crybaby: I know, what worries me the most is what will happen in the future when the condition worsen? Will it eventually become ripples, and then the 'gold' will start to peel off?? OMG, my SA is not in store and the manager have the nerve to lecture me:" to carry w/care":mad: . going to try last hope, if there is no solution, guess i will need to return the two pochettes that i haven't use yet :sad:
  2. If you're talking about ripples and not actually ripping of the stitches...IMO it's perfectly normal. The bag is made of PVC, what do you expect? :shrugs: It's expected out of this kind of material, I doubt LV would treat it or anything to make it more durable.

    It's just normal wear, and yes, it's been less than a month, but keep in mind what kind of material the bag is made of :smile:
  3. This looks like the same kind of ripple on the edge of my BH. I think it's normal.
  4. Yeah, I would think that the ripples would happen to most curved materials notwithstanding that the miroirs pap's handles are of a stiffer material. i.e. PVC. Even I'd think the vachetta handles on mono paps would crease in a similar fashion. Hence, I think this is pretty normal. Unless we're talking peeling of the silver or gold. Why dont you girls try using them to the max within these few weeks and see if the gold or silver stays. If not then it would be a good opp to return it. :smile:
  5. I may just do that! :nuts:
    I probably will end up using my pochette tons, after finding out what I can stuff inside :lol:
  6. If the stitching is ripping against the plastic, it will only get worse. Sorry to say, my mother is a seamstress and we just ahd a discussion over this. She can't believe they even made these (I sent her pics). She said it seems one of the problems may be that any time you sew plastic together, especially with a thick or heavy stitch, the stitching will give but the plastic won't so it will eventually tear away from the stitching. She gave me some strange example of a Halloween costume she made (Elvira-I don't want to know) where the dress was made of a thick plastic fabric and by the end of the night, both sides of the thing had ripped away from the stitching. I can't believe they made this bag without testing it out or something. Why is it lately that I keep hearing more and more horror stories about LV quality and problems with the new bags (Azur color transfer, etc)?
  7. Oh yea, mine had light creases on BOTH the speedies... but it's not as bad as the one pictured on the papillon.... YET... :'(
  8. didn't have time to go Nordies as planned today, but i will definitely keep us update w/this issue. What's going to happen if it get to the point where it needs repair? It's PVC not regular Vachetta, obvious a new replacement, but can LV do?
  9. Wow, for that amount of money the bag should be perfect! Take it in and complain, complain, complain!
  10. I didn't actually get a Pap, I'm getting a Speedy for Christmas..possibly the pochette. Anyway, I agree with's probably the curved handles that's messing the stitching up. Another reason why the production was limited, probably.
  11. I doubt that PVC will require repair if you use it normally...if you are really rough with your bags, however, then it may require replacement somewhere down the road. If, in that case that happens, I doubt repairs are possible and I'm pretty sure a replacement would be either extremely expensive or just plain impossible since this is LE.
  12. LV baby doll.. cute avatar!!!

    I posted something about this but no one responded. I was told that this is a show piece and was meant to crack and peel.. eventually. So all I can say it that LV SA's know...
  13. I don't trust info given by SA's :lol:
  14. :roflmfao: dido, that is why i'd rather trust my fellow trusty TPFers ^^
  15. Thanks cookiepie! It's me "borrowing" the Obsession sunglasses I got my mom for Christmas lol.

    Anyway yeah those SA's...we've heard more than one example of how they have no idea what they're talking about sometimes. Like I said...that one time, I had two SAs trying to figure out what the Vienna line was made of lol.