Attn. Miroir Owners-Stiches start to ripped!?

Oct 13, 2006
:wtf: holly molly! after reading Karman's thread about her silver pochette, i couldn't help but to notice the stiches on the handle of gold pap have TONS of ripps(?) where the stiching was, it's not on the top of handle, but under the handle, where make contact w/ this norma? What will happen when the ripping gets worse!? I am freaking out! will attach pix asap! Lvbabydoll, does ur gold pap have ripping on the stiches too!?:'( I want to cry:crybaby: What is the deal w/lux designer's quality control?? First Chanel, now LV! We didn't pay big bucks for this type of QC!
sry, i can't get it to focus, but the verticle lines weren't there when i purchase it......angry!


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I discovered the same problem on the handles of my silver papillon. They were there from the beginning and I haven't even used my bag yet!!!!

Actually, these are CREASES on the PVC Plastic (not rips on the stitching - the stitching still looks fine). They occur when you bend the material, which is inevitable on the handle of the papillon.

On mine, it is not just on the part where you hold the bag, it is randomly located along the whole strap :Push: I was scared that the deep creases would eventually CRACK open, so I took it back to my SA (who by the way is the store manager)... she said that it is "NORMAL" phenomenon on the papillons. I was like 'what the heck, this is LV?? :hysteric: '.. But she didn't have another one for me to exchange so I just took it back home and accepted it :yucky:
This has happened to my Papillon, too. I am at the office right now but I can take some pictures when I get home later. I haven't had any trouble with any of the Pochettes since I haven't used them and the Speedy seems to be fine. I'm thinking it's the fact the straps on the Papillon are curved that causes this to happen.
:wtf: is it little rips or is it more that the leather formed that way after use? i would bring it back and talk to my SA and see what they say if i was you

I'm not fortunate enough to own one of these but I do believe these bags are not leather - but plastic.

This is BULL- ONY for that price they dhould not be falling apart even a LITTLE!!!
If I had one I would be :cursing: