ATTN:members who have damier speedy lining problem

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  1. Hey everyone. If you all remember, i was the girl who got a defected damier speedy and when i told the manager before, she returned my stained wallet. Well today when i went to pick up my "grooooooooom groooom Grorrrrrooommmmm" (okay you have to make it sound like vroom vrooom vroom like the cars, and you'll get excited as me too :graucho:) agenda, the manager recognized me and asked if i was the one about the speedy. Anyway, to make the long story short, she told me paris responsed back to her. and said they will fix the problem. so she told me to bring back my speedy and she'll do an exchange for me :yahoo: NEW BAG!!!!!!
  2. that's great news shop!!!!!!!!!!!! And congrats on your groom items!
  3. That's awesome! So glad you are getting a new bag!!!!!
  4. that's great!!!!! but what happens if you didn't buy your bag from retail?
  5. wow, that's great!! Congrats!!
  6. That's great..congrats!!!
  7. I thought this should have been the outcome to this situation. I am glad it worked out the way it should in the end. Congrats!
  8. I am having this same problem,but I bought mine off eluxury less than a month ago..what should I do?
  9. Yay!
  10. NICE!!! Im sp pleased it worked out for you. I hope the new one is just perfect.
  11. what kinda of defect was it?? i just got my damier speedy a few months ago... because i got it from retail, i didn't really check it.. hopefully, nothing's wrong
  12. I say go to your nearest LV boutique or contact eluxury. I read in one of the thread that this girl got a problem with her mc product and they can't do anything about her product because she got it on eluxury, so she contacted elux, and they solved it for her. But i still suggest you try at LV boutique :flowers: good luck!
  13. the lining bled and dyed my wallet red :sad:
  14. Phew, I am so happy that they are going to correct this for you!
  15. awww thank you!. and thanks everyone :smile: :heart:
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