ATTN Maya!

  1. Double post!

    You really wanted her to see it, huh? :jammin:
  2. LOL no TPF was being DUMB! ANd for some awful reason you cant delete them! ahahaha
  3. Hehehe. Yeah, I did buy an Inferno MM and the one I got also has the pink ipod devil girl on both sides!! And for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less than that one on e-bay!!!
  4. I have a dolce that vmasterz picked out for me that has that cute pink ipod girl on it! Here's a picture! That's me w/the big green you can see I carry a HUGE purse at all times w/ my qee on!:smile:
    blythe petite (Medium).jpg
  5. :lol: i didnt know you were that small! j/k have green eyes:confused1: :lol:
  6. I'm not, I just carry a very humongous toki bag & qee!:happydance:
  7. Haha Annie and vmasterz, you cracked me up. :lol:

    Until this thread I never realized there were 2 different ipod girls on the inferno, never saw them together on the same bag so I haven't noticed the different colors. They are like Clark Kent and Superman!
  8. My dolce has one on each side! yellow ipod girl on one side, pink ipod girl on the other!
  9. Ooh, that's cute, Annie!:p My favorite is Adios brushing his teeth which is right there in front as well.

  10. Angelic you work in dentistry? I just don't get all the teeth brushing business! He & the bullets are probably my least favs.....but I know a lot of people love them brushing their teeth? I mean they even made T SHIRTS of that one! Why can't they make tshirts of the cute little pink haired girl or ipod girl or sushi baby...I could go on and on!!!!
  11. Awww, I love both of them....
  12. yeah...I know....most of you do! I just have dif. tastes I guess! I got a kick out of it on my paradiso because kids hate to brush their teeth so to me it was symbolism that in heaven even little ones like to brush their teeth....but inferno doesn't tell me I guess I made up my own symbolism for paradiso ......then inferno blew that idea to bits....but that's the quirkiness that I love about simones drawings.
  13. Cute dolce, Annie! The print works for that bag.

    I got a bella in inferno not too long ago but I just didn't like how the print looked on the bag. So I sent it back. I have a campeggio in the print anyway.

    I think it was the light tan leather with the gray contrast that I didn't like.
  14. Thanks! I like it too...I'm using it for when I take an "actual" diaper bag with me ....I throw it in there as my mini purse.