Attn Mahina Owners

  1. Can you pls post a pic of the inside of your bags? Im curious to see what the inside looks like on the black & on the cream one. My LV store doesnt have one for me to look at. Thanks!:tup:
  2. i just got my black Mahina yesterday :biggrin:, and the lining is a dark brown alcantara-like fabric

  3. ^^Thanks Sandra, I saw your pics and you look great carrying your mahina! Makes me want one even more!!!

    Anyone with the Cream/Grey one???
  4. Is there a cell phone pocket inside of this bag?
  5. ^^ no, it's just a zipped pocket with a D-ring attached
  6. So elegant!
  7. Love it!!! Very pretty!
  8. i love this bag.. i wish i had one.
  9. Gorgeous
  10. Wow!
  11. Love the bag but hate the price. :lol:
  12. Beautiful! I want one of these desperately.:drool:
  13. I adore this bag ... LOVE the gris:heart:
  14. :yes: