Attn: LV Sunnies Owners!!!!

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  1. Question... Do LV sunglasses have date codes? I was looking at my sunnies today and noticed this code... It kinda looked like a date code, except with just one letter? :shrugs: I deciphered it as: made in June of 2006? :s

  2. Yes, they do, John.:yes:
  3. ^Yes
  4. That looks like it to me, I will check my cruise ones from 2 years ago.
  5. Thanks all for the responses!!!! :supacool:
  6. Mine have some weird codes too, John:

  7. John - did you post pics with your sunnies on? I might of missed the thread if you did post this already. :shame:
    I always like seeing model pics. They are great to see pics. ;)
  8. Irene: I wish my sunnies said "Obsessions" on the arm like your sunnies read "Gina" on them!!! :crybaby: Thanks for taking this pic!

    Dazlinpearl: I took pics. Check the Visual Aids thread and the pictures in the "Le Club de Lunettes De Soleil" Club. ;)
  9. my Faux-Semblants do (A0076) but the Millionaires don't - only the model number and dimensions :yes:
  10. I seen the pics of you John. Thx, I have to check out that Thread soon!! I've been too busy deciding on a wallet, I have not visited that thread in awhile. I feel silly those are the right ones in your avatar right! I love how they look on the side profile look. And I laughed when I read your post about the comments on Nicole R.
  11. lv addict... your glasses are beautiful!
  12. yes, my Gina has it too
  13. My Millionaires don't have them. Umm... that's weird.
  14. :confused1: huh, I'm confused

    I checked out the Obsession Squares at the boutique (and fell in love, but SO said no :crybaby: :hysteric:), but I don't recall seeing a date code (even though I specifically checked as I've wondered whether they have on or not before)?!
  15. ^^My OBSESSION SQUARES has a date code :p.