ATTN: LV Pegase 50 & 60 owners

  1. I was thinking that once i'm off of my self imposed ban, that I would look into getting a pegase suitcase...Can anyone give me their opinion about this bag and tell me how much of a size difference is there between the 50 and 60. and how does it hold up in the long run?

    Its a great looking suitcase I can most likely use for getaways...please anyone's suggestions are welcomed. TIA!!!:smile:
  2. Pegase 60: 14.5" X 22.2" X 7.3
    $1950.00 USD

    Pegase 50: 14.1" X 19.7" X 7.1"

    I think there is a pretty big difference in person, the numbers make it look fairly close, but to me it is fairly significant. One thing to keep in mind is if you plan on using it as a carry-on piece or if you are okay with checking it, that is a big concern as well.
  3. I have the 50 and I would not trade it for the world. It survived my 80K miles of flights last year, and travel of years before. It is still in near perfect condition after 3 years. If you look at my pics of it, you will see what I mean. I use it as carry on usually. I do check it sometimes, though. I will put the dust cover on it inside-out, and never a problem. I have had my locks cut, though by TSA. Final thoughts... I will have this bag for forever, and it is great for heavy paper-work days at the office. You must get the extra strap to hang your keep-all or beauty case from too.
  4. Here is the strap I am talking about:

  5. between the two, which one is the 'leagl' size for international carry on?
  6. I have all 3 sizes in both Monogram and Damier and I am very pleased with them.

    Just beware that the side "bumpers" on the Damier are a lot more fragile than they look, I have had mine replaced twice now.

    Both 50 and 60 models are cabin approved, depending on the airline of course. The 70 is the only one that requires that it be checked. I would highly suggest that you avoid checking any of these luggage pieces though as they are definitely theft targets. I would also suggest having them insured for retail value in case anything does happen to them!
  7. I love your set, they are so cute together ! Oh and so are your two tone walls ! :love:
  8. :ty:...I really appreciate everyone's input:yes:.
  9. this has been a very informative thread. i ve been thinking about a pegase myself, but preferably the 60. :smile: THANKS EVERYONEEE! including the OP.
  10. go for the 60. the 50 is a little too small unless you are packing very light (light summer clothes) for your travel. i use my 60 as a carry-on without any problem. for winter clothes, the 60 fit about 3-4 days worth of clothes. for summer/spring clothes, it fits about 7-8 days worth of clothes. hope this helps you. it is a gorgeous piece and a must-have.
  11. Definitely- it's pretty tiny. Really, if that's all you need to carry you might as well get a Keepall. The 60 is a good size and should fine for most flights, with the exception of regional ones on smaller planes.
  12. The Pegase is quite nice, but it gets kinda heavy
  13. I love this piece too
  14. I had my pegase 70 checked in years ago, and not only did the airlines broke it-they stole everything valuable in there!!! I was so :mad::pout: at them!!
    And now I really need a confirmation that pegase 60 can be a carry-on, since the 50 is too small for me.
  15. Oh and btw I haven't introduce myself :blush:
    Hi everyone I'm a newbie here, just recently found tPF a month ago and I am usually in Hermes section.