Attn: Luella Lovers

  1. Oooh! Those are cute! :flowers: Those are great prices too!
  2. I bought two Luella bags and they're great. If anyone is interested, I will but putting up for sale one of them which is a large Luella Gisele Studded bag in the prune or purple color from this Bergdorf sale. This is the one with the metallic studs and is a large size bag. I bought it for $650 (have to double check at home but it's in this range) and paid $22 for shipping. I would be willing to resell it at this price since I will not use it. The return deadline is also past (30 days) so I can't return it.

    I can post pics if anyone is interested. It's still in the Bergdorg mailbox that it came in.
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