Attn: LOUIELOVER is a hottie

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  1. i just wanted to come onto her beloved forum, and let everyone know that she is a hottie and she loves you guys,always talking about TPF you guys have stolen my gf and i want her back! haha treat her well :heart: im always on car forums, and its good to know that she has a place to come and discuss her purses!

    and babe your a hottie:love:
  2. I hope your name is Louie! ;)
  3. lol! awwwh!
  4. First I was like - WTF...this isn't a match making sight, but then I read your whole post - how cute, yea this site has a way of ending up in many of our own personal coversations - what can we say, this is a great site!!!

    LOUIELOVER is lucky to have someone who appreciates her enjoyment on this board....hee! hee!
  5. AWWWWWWWWWWW i just saw this! LOL!!!! Thanks babe.

    (he funds most of my purses these days anyways and is becoming quite the expert...spotting fake LVs when we go out LMAO!)

  6. lol...he knows i have loved "Louie" Vuitton longer. lol. But def not more. AWWW my babys sooo cute!

    This post made my day! :p
  7. ahhhhhh...thats so sweet:love:
  8. How cute! : )
  9. Awww how cute:girlsigh:
  11. ahhh! so sweet!
  12. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw :love:
  13. cute..
  14. LOL! Aww, so cute :love:
  15. cute! now i get it!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.