Attn legacy shoulder bag owners!! HELP

  1. do the insides of your bags look like this?


    or are the stripes the same color on the sides and the bottoms. if this is fake, it's the best i've seen, but i'm nervous about that one little thing. please help!
  2. Nope that's how mine is. Enjoy your bag.
  3. Here's the inside of mine - the stripes are different than on the one you posted. They run vertically down the sides, but run perpendicular to the side ones on the bottom. My hippie and Mandy are the same way.


    Legacy shoulder bag inside stripes.jpg

    Edited to add: all mine were purchased at Coach.
  4. My bag looks the same as in post #1.
  5. All the insides of my shoulder bags look like Sialia's - with the bottom of the purse having the stripes perpendicular to the sides. Mine were also bought directly from a retail Coach store.
  6. weird, so some of yours go one way and some the other, ok. I just won a black signature one on eBay for $199! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Congrats, by the way! The shoulder bag is awesome, plus the black signature is gorgeous.
  8. I just logged on to tell you mine were the same way - Congrats on your great buy!!!
  9. I don't carry a Shoulder Bag, but my Shoulder Zips are the same way - both are different on the bottom.
  10. What?! Who? How? Where?