Attn Ladies in NYC - Mr Louboutin to be at Saks on 2/7

  1. Mark your calendars ladies! Christian Louboutin is making an appearance at Saks in NY on 2/7.
    I also hear that he will be signing shoes at Barneys soon, but I am not sure if a date has been scheduled yet.

    I am feeling giddy all over...reminds me of my teenage years when I used to go to Bon Jovi concerts just to get a glimpse of Jon. Funny that my new obsession is with a shoe designer :rolleyes:

    I was at a Louboutin signing 2 years ago at Barneys and it was a mad house there, I can only imagine the crowds at Saks at the upcoming event. What a great gathering place for TPF gals to meet!
  2. wow! lucky ladies. i am so jealous! wonder when he'll visit San Francisco
  3. I heard the same thing from an SA at Saks. We should all fly in and have a CL party and tear up NYC shopping and going out. That would be so much fun! Anyone interested???
  4. I wish I lived in NYC!!!
  5. OMG!!! I want to go its my birthday weekend, not actually my b day but you now, lol
  6. I wanna go!!! Too bad we're on opposite ends of the country. :cry:
  7. in!!
  8. not fair not fair not fair:crybaby:have fun to all the ladies that back with stories and pics pls
  9. My SA @ Saks NYC has been telling me about Mr. Louboutin's appearance since November and even sent me a reminder text the other day. LOL I need to plan a trip to NYC next month for sure. My best friend was even asking me last night when I'm going to visit so I might need to the 7th weekend! It will give me a great excuse. haha :smile:
  10. ^^^Plus kamilla, stinas, and I could have cocktails. LOL
  11. Noe, cjy, and I could roadtrip from the Carolinas and join you having cocktails in the Big Apple. Just picture the group of us having cocktails at a bar in NY all decked out in our favorite CLs.:happydance: Everyone would be seeing RED!
  12. LOL Im already there!!!
    Looking at all my boxes(with nice model pics on outside lol) trying to pick out which ones I would wear!
    They would be seeing red too! haha
  13. Yey, I am definately going. :yahoo::yahoo:
  14. 2/7 is a Thursday.....hmm, I wonder if it'll be during the daytime or if he'll be there in the early evening as well? I wish it were on a weekend!
  15. I also wish he was there on the weekend. I work 2-3 blocks away from Saks, but it is virtually impossible for me to predict whether I will be able to leave long enough to wait in the line. :hysteric: My SA at Saks forewarned me that the shoe department will be an absolute zoo on that day.

    He had mentioned CL's prospective signing when they unveiled the 8th floor, but from what I understand, it was difficult to coordinate a date certain for the signing.