Attn: KOOBA Jennifer Owners! Question....

  1. Hi there! I have a kooba jennifer bag, The straps/handles do not seem as sturdy as my other kooba's...have you had any problem with your bag? I carry A LOT of goodies, are the straps as strong as you other koobas? Thanks kooba gals!:smile:
  2. I've actually piled a bunch of things into my Jennifer, including my laptop computer (12" powerbook), my nikon D40, and a sketchbook, among other things. I never really had any problems with the straps.
  3. I also have a Brown Jennifer. I carry a ton of things and never had any problem. The handles are pretty sturdy.
  4. I haven't carried mine yet (I know, I know...), but my handles don't seem flimsy at all.