Attn: Italians and Parisians: What do you wear? What to wear in Italy and Paris?

  1. Hello All,

    I have posted a few related threads regarding what to take on my upcoming trip to Venice, Croatia, and Paris... however I would like to post a thread exclusively related to clothes.

    I am most interested in knowing how Parisian women dress today. How do I avoid appearing like a tourist?

    Also, what do locals wear in major cities like Venice in Italy?

    Croatia...well...not so sure anyone knows anything about that.

    Parisian fashion facinates me.

    What I seem to be reading on other websites is that I should pick dark fashion speakers if any at all... no white tennis shoes!

    Also, do Parisians wear jeans?

    Is a giraffe print cavalli type dress overdoing it?

    Thank you.
  2. How to avoid looking like a tourist? No printed flowers, khakis, etc. There's no need to wear like what the Parisians did. IMO, I don't think Parisians are good dressers despite Paris is the city of fashion. Just wear like what you always wear. No gym wear, baggy trousers, baggy shirts, sneakers. Wear clothes that fits your figure and show off the silhoutte perfectly. Bring a fitted jacket, black pants, jeans, a nice scarf, shades, a nice bag and a nice shoe where you can wear it from day to night. Bring high heels and LBD if you're going to some important events or high-class places. Accessories like pearls will never go wrong. Btw, Parisians do wear jeans.
  3. Umm...btw, leave the giraffe print cavalli dress at home.
  4. in Italy, the Cavalli will be appropriate. Not is Paris most likely where things are a bit more understated.
  5. Hi. I have visited Paris 2 times and Milan 3 times. I can say that Parisians are not that well dressed as Italians.
    Paris: simple clothes, no trainers, no t-shirts with logos etc
    Milan: fabulous outfits, designer jeans and designer handbag mandatory, makeup on day to night.
  6. Watch SATC, the episode where SJP went to Paris with her lover for inspiration.
  7. I have been to Paris a number of times and I can give you my basic summary on fashion there:

    Lots of black, very very classic looking fashions. Scarves, accessories. No diamonds worn before dark. Jeans are worn but they tend to be dark wash. Knee boots are everywhere as are ballet flats. Red and gold seem to be popular colors right now.

    Makeup is understated and the emphasis is on the skin being beautiful. Nails are bare or have very sheer polish.

    Shoes- wear comfy shoes for doing all that walking to the shops. You will see a lot of pumas and other more stylish looking athletic shoes walking around. You can wear high heels- but you will regret it.

    As for the health of you feet- this is the biggest peice of advice I can give you. If you get a pedicure before you leave, DO NOT HAVE YOUR CALLOUSES removed. Also, if you buy walking shoes, spend a minimum of one month before the trip walking around in them and breaking them in. Walk and build up callouses on your feet. They may not look good but you will thank me later.

    Bring the following:

    Dr Scholls Moleskin Pads
    2nd Skin Moist Burn pads (great for blistered feet)

    Also if at all possible, bring two pairs of well broken in shoes and alternate them day by day. There is nothing worse than blistered feet when you want to hit the boutiques in Paris.
  8. ^ Awesome advice, Roo!
  9. Ok, I think I am entitled to say my word here:yes: :yes: :yes: , but as a matter of fact you have more or less been told all what you will need.

    What Roo says is amazingly true and detailed, I couldn't do any better, and for what is regarding the link xLAUx posted, it is perfect as well.

    I will just add that in Italy women are more designeraholic, wear lower waist jeans/pants than in France, they are afraid of being caught without (huge) sunglasses, they almost ALWAYS wear high heals (do they sleep with them on?) except when they have to face tyering foot situations (mile long shopping, standing workday etc...). It's all a bit more "you can meet man 24/7", whereas in Paris it's a bit more relaxed.

    Natural makup of that "beauty enhanced" kind with sheer looking skin, (even if a bit more tanned in Italy) and feminine but natural nails/nail polish in both France and Italy.

    Avoid in both countries baggy unfeminine clothes, that's not what these two countries are about, and a nice pair of feminine well cut jeans will be ok anywhere except for formal occasions.

    Am I forgetting someting? :biggrin: :biggrin:
  10. great advice everyone! :tup:

    i'll be off to italy & france in july so i'd like to know if its ok to wear maxi dresses while out and about siteseeing and shopping since i've noticed that maxi dresses are the "in" dress this season. what do you expert travellers think? :woohoo:
  11. I'm off to Italy and France too! But next Sunday for 17 days. I'd like to know what they wear there in warmer weather as well.
  12. I was in Paris three times the last two months. I was mostly around 1 eme and 8 eme, with a small detour to Saint Germain. I saw a lot of blacks and neutral muted colors (browns, grays). Some layering. During the day women (who were not working) wore ballet flats or flat boots. Jackets tend to be fitted or loose (that layered look). Minimal makeup and jewelry during the day. I believe sunglasses were popular, but wasn't paying much attention to that. Skirt hemlines were to the knee or longer. Jeans tend to be dark and skinny. Bags were non-logoed (but given the area, they were designer bags). It was an understated, chic look. Parisians aren't really that trendy, more classic. Even when they are dressed up, they have a nonchalant chicness.

    What I'm going to wear when I return in the summer are full, to the knee skirts paired with cardigans and high heeled pumps during the day; and dresses and skirts in muted berry colors in the evening.

    I wish I were going to Italy! Italians gravitate towards body conscious clothes. They love designer clothes, especially with a logo. I don't really see that many people wear heels in Rome because of the cobblestone.... When I was there in February my Italian friend made fun of me because I wore heels. I think maxi dresses will probably be fine, but the girls in Rome don't seem to wear skirts and dresses that much, mostly skinny jeans. Also maxi dresses can be hard to walk around in because of the length, so you may want to keep that in mind. It's more of a "resort" look.

    Truthfully, you can wear whatever you want. As long as you don't look sloppy, you will fit right in.

    Have fun!
  13. I was just in Paris last week & it was sunny with great weather so I saw jeans, with ballet flats & t-shirt or tank tops or cute summer dresses worn with either a shawl or cardigan. Aviator sunglasses were everywhere. Also I saw more navy than black being worn, linen pants & red/white/navy colors, stripes were also popular. Scarves very popular too
  14. thanx for the 411, sonya & pisdapisda79! i'm gonna be packing along a couple of chanel bags in diff colors for evening wear and my 35cm hermes birkin to carry around in the day while roaming around siteseeing and shopping. and i'll definitely be bringing a pair of oversized black sunnies. but most importantly i'm gonna pack my fave comfy black ballet flats so i'm comfy while strollin around on the cobblestone to pair with skinny jeans and maxi dresses.

    thanx again for ur fantastic advice! :tup: