Attn: Housewives, What are YOU wearing today

  1. I am always looking at the girls in these great outfits in the "what are you wearing today" thread. I barely get out of my pajamas home with 3 kids all day. I think us ladies who are home need to inspire each other to get out of those nightclothes and dress cute too. I'll go first...

    nothing special, but it feels good to have a dress on. it's still really warm here in florida
    a 006.jpg
  2. Awww! Such a cute thread. Unfortunately, I can't contribute but I can't wait to see the photos. BTW, is that an Old Navy dress?
  3. Yes, old navy dress. I got it when I was pregnant and its a great transition dress while I am trying to lose that last 10 pounds!;)
  4. I bought all the colours when they went on clearance for $1.97. They are comfortable house clothes!:p
  5. You look cute. It great to see someone in flip flops and warm weather this time of year!
  6. $1.97!??! Wow, I think I got it for like ten bucks and thought that was a deal. Old Navy is funny like that. You never want to buy anything full price cause its $3 a month later.
  7. jfhave, just got out of the shower and am wearing a bath robe, post a pic later!!!
  8. you're so lucky to have the warm weather in florida. i was there for x'mas/new year and am missing the weather:p.

    it's cold and wet here in montreal. to my son's playgroup this morning, i wore black cardigan, with dark grey diesel jeans (skinny), prada coat, and burberry rainboots.

    at the moment, i'm back at home...having my late b'fast/lunch and am in tracksuits:lol:
  9. You look adorable! It is a good idea to get up and get going. I always feel better about myself when I put on something nice.

    But right now I'm a mess. I have on pajama bottoms, two pairs of socks, t-shirt and sweatshirt. And it's 2:45 p.m.!!! LOL! It's easier for me to be sloppy sometimes.:shrugs:
  10. What a fab idea for a thread, thank you! I will be watching as I get closer to June, when I will be home with the kids to get inspired to not stay in my comfy clothes after working in an office all these years!
  11. Sorry can't post a picture right now (but I will in future posts). My 3 year old is in school and 20 month old is home with me. So I wore Rock & Republic jeans, Coach maxene boots (jeans tucked in), & a black tunic.
  12. dang changed my clothes but i would have post a pic...I have to make myself get dressed even it I am just taking my oldest son to school in the morning. For about a month after we decided that I was gonna be a sahm, I lived in my juicy shamed. Today I had a lunch date with one of my galpals at Ikea for lunch so I had to look


    Black Muse babydoll dress
    Hermes Twilly pink bolduc au carre as ponytail tie
    gold slightly wedged Shoeland thongs
  13. This IS a great thread. Problem is, you caught me on one of my worst days ever so I am no inspiration. I am wearing Juicy Couture sweats and a long sleeve "I Hiked The Grand Canyon" T shirt. Tomorrow, I will be a rock star - I promise!

    BTW - JFhave, your daughter is adorable. Oh, I just want to squeeze her! We're trying for number two right now and that pic makes me want it all the more!!!!
  14. Not a housewife, but just wanted say what a great thread idea!
  15. I'm not a housewife either, but I'm a lazy bum when I'm home for the day. I admire those that actually get dressed in something!