ATTN: Horsebit Hobo Owners...

  1. I don't kno if this is true or not, but my SA told me that they've discontinued production on the horsebit hobos. she wasnt specific to size or materials.

    can anyone confirm?
  2. no idea, but i hope not :wtf:

    come to think of it, the fall book that i saw didn't have any of the horsebit hobos, just tons of indys in various colors/textures.

    will ask my SA when i pick up my presale stuff...
  3. Please ask, because I had decided to wait and pick up a medium horsebit hobo in the fall/winter sale, but I'll get one sooner if they're being discontinued.
  4. It is one of the bestsellers, I doubt they will discontinue them so soon... I'd think the Jolicoeur will be next on the discontinue list. :confused1:
  5. The title of this thread should be "Attn: to the people who DONT own horsebit hobos", not the owners!

    Yes everyone, ask the managers if possible. We need to find out, because Ive been putting it off, but Ill order one if its going to be discont'd soon.
  6. Oh no I love the Horsebit
  7. I doubt it, but I'll ask, that's one of thier best sellers, I don't think they would discontinue
  8. I hope not!!!!!:sad: If it is then I have to get mine ASAP....!:yes:
  9. no i doubt wasnt in the book because its continuing as is! its now a classic piece and will not be gone!! the look book is bassically for NEW things, notice they will never have a classic piece in it :smile:

    at least thats what im thinking

  10. OOPS! ok maybe you're right lol :shame:
  11. I'd be disappointed, I have a medium and still want a large
  12. me too that's why im asking if anyone knows... :sad:
  13. again i doubt this will go out!!!!!!! dont worry guys!
  14. eeek...i still want to own one :sad: