Attn: HI or Guam ladies - Trasporto Corriere?

  1. This post is for the Hawaii ladies or vmasterz from Guam. Does anyone know if the Corriere will be available in your boutiques for Trasporto? I am thinking I would like this print for a travel purse like the Corriere, but of course, it isn't being produced for the mainland retailers.:sad: I'm wondering if I have a shot of getting it from one of the off shore boutiques possibly. It's so retarded that LSS discontinued styles here in the mainland, but still offer them off shore. I haven't heard any reference to Corriere in any of the posts I have read, so I thought maybe I'd see if anyone knew for sure if that style was at least available in HI or GU.

    TIA ladies!!!:smile:
  2. I'm assuming they'll have the corriere because LeSportsacStaff said none of the styles will be discontinued...
  3. probably. :O seeing as how we have most of the "discontinued" styles.
  4. Have you seen any Tutti corrieres?
  5. Yes, I just called they Carry the Tutti Corriere but out of stock right now. They will also be getting Trasporto Corriere either next week or the following week.
  6. I really dont see the logic in how Lesportsac runs their business.:confused1:. I want something in the Trasporto print, and when I first saw the picture of how small the print is I thought "that would look great on a Corriere." But of course they dont have them on the website.. I have always wanted a Corriere but besides AS I dont like it in the other prints because it's too cut up.. Well I guess, it'll prob show up on eBay from a Hawaii seller...:shrugs:
  7. angelic: hmm im probably positive that we will have trasporto in corriere?? so far i havent heard anything about certain styles being discontinued as what Maya said.. but i will keep a look out and let you know if i see it...:biggrin:
  8. This post makes me so happy!! I just got an Inferno Corriere and I absolutely LOVE it!! I was hoping to get a Vacanze Corriere and then I noticed that the Lesportsac website didn't have the style listed anymore.

  9. Does that mean they might have a Vancanze Mama Mia? I want one of those so badly. How would I get one? How would I get a Caramella? That would be awesome!!! Is evil bay my only hope?
  10. the Lesportsac here in hawaii are expecting Mamma Mia's as well as Caramella's.
  11. Thanks for the info, ladies. Special thanks to DJR.;)
  12. well i just asked an SA today on the phone about the corriere.. well it looks like we will NOT be getting any in it because they brought in the zucca so that replaces the corriere for our stores...

  13. Argghh, well hopefully the HI stores will have it. DJR is going to check for me when they come in. Thanks for the info.
  14. Your welcome :biggrin:
  15. Hi Ladies! I was wondering if anyone in Guam or HI (or anywhere) has seen Corrieres in any print, not just the current print? I have of course waited until the last moment to want one. ;) Can anyone help me out?

    Or should I just wait and see if they re-release the Corriere???