Attn: Hermes eye candy in Australian Vogue!

  1. Look for eighth edition - w/ Natalie Portman on the cover

    High Topper (Pg 26 - article plus photos - roughly half the page)
    The casualising of our weekend dress codes has not been pretty. Rumpled t-shirts, leisure suits, scuffed-up sneakers? Take a stand against the erosion by topping your look with a dapper Panama hat. Sure, it came to fame as a gangster's favourite but, organised crime aside, this black-and-white classic is smart enough to keep you well above the style average.

    Retail: $1,355 (Austrailian)

    • backstage
    • scene from Bonnie & Clyde
    • Ashley Olsen
    • from a 60s Christian Dior collection
    • Linsay Lohan
    The Vogue Makeover - 50 ways to glamorise your life (Pg 58 - tiny article but dreamy photo is roughly a third of the page)
    #40 - Put your name down for a Kelly bag. Securing one of these icons can take years on a wait list, particularly if it's crocodile you're lusting after. Karin Upton Baker, the managing director of Hermes in Australia, says: "It bags come and go, but a Kelly is until death do us part."

    Photos (of bookshelf):
    • First shelf
      • Shiny black croc kelly w/ GH
      • 35 cm blue jean birkin w/ white contrasting stitching & GH
      • Slouchy black kelly w/ GH
      • Original Kelly Mini w/ PH
    • Second shelf
      • Lilac bolide w/ PH
      • Violet suede JPG Kelly Mini II w/ GH
      • 30 cm ostrich rouge vif birkin w/ PH
      • Potiron JPG w/ PH
    • Third shelf
      • White birkin or HAC (hidden)
      • Black JPG w/ PH
    • Next to Karin, a beautiful natural carry-on (forgot the proper Hermes name)
    Sorry ladies, wish I had a scanner but I tried my best. Cheers!:flowers:

  2. Kristie, quick, go grab and copy and scan the page for us all to view and admire! Can't wait.
  3. Ooohhh!!! I must buy this mag! Kristie, do you have one handy atm?? If you do, could u please scan so we may feast our eyes??

    Hermes_Lemming, are you in OZ?

    ......she's probably out trying to find a copy right now as we speak!!!!!

    ....i'm not going to bed until I see these pics..........
  5. Darn, when I read the heading on the thread, I thought of GrandFond's tanned, hottie with the green eyes. I must be getting fixated.:upsidedown:
  6. Aww, I can't seem to find what I'm looking for! Is it the Vogue Australia October 06 edition?? Coz that has Melissa George on the cover.
  7. ^ No, my dear - look at the spine of the magazine. We're probably behind one month.

    And Shopmom - I'll have you know that after seeing your post, I've tried 3xs to take a picture of the freaken articles w/ my Razr but it's being very uncooperative tonight. LOL - I guess this is what I get for dropping it twice.:Push:
  8. Oh, I just found which one it is.. No wonder I thought it sounded familiar with Natalie Portman on the cover.. It's the August issue. Argh, now to find that issue! I need to find it.. NEED! Kristie, do you have it??
  9. I posted this pic AGES's the one of our Managing Directors Office at Hermes......Hermes in Print thread.....that Vogue came out in July.......go have a look - she's SO gorgeous, our MD of Hermes!!
  10. still got the issue if anyone needs it?
  11. here....

    she's very cool, calm & collected.....just gorgeous - that's her old office, they've just relocated to a gorgeous building opposite Hyde Park in Sydney........
  12. I love where she says "it bags come and go, but a Kelly is until death do us part..."
  13. Ok - just found the digital camera. Here you go, ladies. - Oops, too slow. Oh well. Time for bed.:sleepy:
    purse 004.jpg purse 005.jpg
  14. Thanks K and HL!!! The managing director looks the part! And look at all the goodies behind her!
  15. Su e, she's the former Editor of Harpers Bazaar....she's one of those could be having the BEST hair day of your life, styled an outfit to die for, and the minute you stand next to her, you sudden;y feel like you need to take a shower, or comb your hair.......