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  1. I was looking at your collection (awesome choices!!!) and i noticed you're the only one with a Allesandria purse....just wondering how you like it/what you use it for/how big it is....all those Lambie questions!! :P
  2. I tried one on in the store a while back and I thought the chain was really heavy! It's a cute little bag though.. I'm sure HBL can elaborate more on it.
  3. LOL --OMG, this was so weird to see my login name on the title thread :smile:

    The Allesandria is a really awesome purse. It's dressy and I've only carried it once to a wedding in Dec. It's def not a big purse, but just enough to fit a small wallet, keys, lipstick and phone. And like Knaz mentioned, the chain is a bit heavy to carry. But, you can stick the chain inside and carry as a clutch. Plus, I liked that you can adjust the height of the chain.
    So, overall, it's a nice bag to have in my collection but I would only use for special occasions.
  4. Haha hope i didnt freak you out!!! Thanks for the input!!
  5. ^no problem...anytime for a fellow Lambie..