Attn: Hampstead PM Owners I need your help!

  1. I am debating:confused1: between the MM & PM for one reason only- I want it to fit over my shoulder. The size of the PM is perfect for me, the MM is a bit big but if it means it will fit over my shoulder then thats what I will get....BUT I really prefer the PM size.

    Sooooo can you PM owners pls post pics of it over your shoulder along with your height..Pretty Pls! I am ordering this bag from the US so I cant try it on and i dont want the hassle of trying to return it. Thanks so much:heart:
  2. im not an owner, but i tried on the PM and it fitted with ease over my shoulder. Im 5'4 and 8 1/4 stone, it looks great as well, hope this helps! x
  3. I had one. It was too bulky for me. Yes, it fits over your shoulder, no problem. I am 5'6. It is a beautiful bag. The interior is so plush. The bottom is almost 7 inches wide. It stuck out quite a bit on me. I ended up buying the Damier speedy 25.
  4. i can take a pic when i get home for you :smile: i'm 5'8 and I just got the PM.. it's PERFECT!
  5. i have been wondering about this. I saw the PM and the GM in store the other day (the MMs were sold out). I really liked the style of the bag, and the PM was bigger than i thought it would be after seeing the pictures. I think the MM would be too big for me, i dont want a big bag. The PM seemed like the perfect size but i want to be able to wear it on my shoulder (i didnt try it on).
  6. i could fit the PM on my shoulder..tightly...but too bulky

    the MM was a great size...still a bit bulky on the bottom IMO..and its' really big!

  7. oops.. slight mistake - i got the MM not the PM.. :p

    the PM I remember was too small, and the MM was perfect! Right amount of hang off my arm.. I'll take a pic later ;)
  8. I'm 5.3 and it fit easily on my shoulder. it's less confortable with a coat.
    lilou- lilou 013.jpg
  9. Hi! can you post a pic of the MM on your shoulder please.....
  10. thanks for the reply...but whats 8 1/4 stone:confused1:
  11. so it wasnt comfortable on your shoulder...may i ask how tall you are?
  12. any other PM owners out there???
  13. My weight!:p Dont do lbs in Uk xx
  14. I think I'd rather hear my weight in stones too:p
  15. Rica, I purchased the MM because I wanted a shoulder bag. The PM would have fit my needs better (size wise) but it didn't look or feel good on my shoulder. I'm 5'2" (140 lbs). I already own a Damier Speedy 30 so I decided that (although I am not a large bag person) the Hampstead MM was the right choice. Please note the MM is quite large. In my opinion, it is roomier than a Cabas Mezzo. I will try to post pics for you tonight.