Attn: GST Owners

  1. For those of you who had just recently purchased their GST and paid $1895 - you're in for a treat!

    Case in point:

    I purchased the well-known GST in black with gold hardware for my sis yesterday at Saks. Not knowing the current price tag of the bag, so I didn't bother to question the SA as to why she charged my cc $1895 instead of $1750 (current price even after the increase). So, I called the CHANEL store in Orlando and I double confirmed the price. Lo and behold, I got robbed! :push: Saks over-charged me. :yucky:

    So this afternoon I called Saks and told them about the situation. Well, to make the story short, they (SAKS) refunded my card $145 because of their own error.

    If you're going to do this make sure you do it before Monday. That is when CHANEL boutiques are going to increase the price of the GST's to $1895.

    Now, your SA might ask you for the number, like in my case, she asked who was the SA in CHANEL that told me about the price and the phone number. If you want, you can give them the CHANEL number in Orlando, Florida. They're in Mall of Millenia (sp?) and the SA's name is June.

    Hurry, hurry, hurry! :yes:
  2. Wow glad you got your money back! That's great!
  3. I am glad you were able to get a refund. Congrats on your new bag! You will need to post some pics!
  4. Wow! That's great! Congrats on your new handbag!
  5. Wait, so come Monday, all the department stores and Chanel boutiques will raise the price of the GST to $1895??
  6. so glad they refunded u the money...what on earth is happening to these dept stores.. utterly shocked ...overcharging customers..Is it normal in US??
  7. wow ~~thx for the info!!
  8. Yes. According to the CHANEL boutique in Orlando the price of the the GST is going to go up (once again) :shrugs:
  9. omg, i wish this madness would stop once and for all.. i've been torturing myself since the first price increase back in feb to decide whether or not to get the gst. i passed b/c i was thinking the $100 increase isn;t that big of a deal and i'd have at least another year to think about it before the next increase. then comes the april rumors about GST going up and i was busy in thought again.. and now?! ahhh, when will it stop? fyi, i didnt get the gst yet, but am seriously needing to think it over AGAIN.
  10. I know what you mean. I bought my GST last year and it was $1650 then. I guess it's the whole "Supply & Demand" thing. It's a pretty popular CHANEL piece, esp. after Heidi from Hills started carrying the bag. :rolleyes:
  11. No prob. Good luck!:yes:
  12. I ordered my bag on the 12th but haven't received it yet (actually i ordered two, one with the S/H and one with the G/H - so i can decide in person which one i prefer :smile:. I will call SAKS to see if they refund the difference. Thanks for the tip!

    Here's another tip. if you have a saks charge and order out of state, they will not charge sales tax.

  13. I think Saks just re-tagged their items with the new price early. They get their info from the Chanel rep for Saks. Not intentional I'm sure. The price is going up to $1895 at all Chanel retailers (boutiques and dept stores.)

    Now would be a good time to get it since it is going up on price AGAIN.

    Ilovemylilo, so glad she gave you a price adjustment/refund!!! :yes: