Attn GD Charlotte hunters!

  1. If like me, you're after the turquoise Charlotte, you're in luck. They're available at the Printemps Haussman concession in Paris. Quantities are limited (no more than 4 or 5), so you might want to call in and order if you're after one.

    The hot pink one is available at other stores as well!!

    I'm gonna get mine soon (tomorrow or Saturday). :love: :lol:
  2. Thanks for posting, Perja.
  3. HA! HA! No more than 4 or 5!!! How many are you buying?:lol:
  4. AHHHH!!!! I so want! But there are other bags on higher up on my wish list too! I will have to live vicariously through yours, Perja! Please post pics so I can kick myself later! :biggrin:
  5. Is there anywhere in London to buy GD????
  6. there is a GD shop on Old Bond Street.
  7. :hrmm: Just one... but I'm thinking of the other people here too.
  8. KK....thank you!!!!!! I;m going in a week and really want to see, touch, smell and try on the bags in person! i hope they have every color there! Well maybe not, I promised myself that I would not buy more than 2!
  9. ^^Could you please report back to us and tell us what you see! I'd also love to know the colors and styles that you see the most around the city!