attn flap owners : check this out

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  1. when you look in the back pocket do you see visible glue? I just got my flap and at first i thought there were loose crumbs in the bag, I know its a return( we wont go there:sad:) but I see the glue seperating and oozing out, looks like I can pull the bag apart and see wet stretchy glue, please check your flaps and let me know if anyone has this issue. Im not lucky with my flaps :nogood:. ahhhhhhhhhhhh. This might be one of the last ones in the country too of this bag.
  2. i think you should return it. it shouldn't be visible nor should it be oozing out. i'm sorry. you should be able to get a perfect bag for the price you paid.
  3. Im so upset, I had to return a damaged bag already, now this was my second bag to replace first damaged bag and I cant even talk about it, im really upset. Im having some bad experences finding an unused bag from a certain store.
  4. I also got bad Chanel karma! Really jealous everytime someone said all their bags are perfect and they never heard of any problems. My flap did the same thing and I returned it. I bought a lot this month and had to return/exchange many times :sad:.
  5. omg im sooo sorry to hear that!!! :sad: you MUST be devastated i would be crying....
  6. I would be really upset too! You really should return the bag, because it will likely always bother you. You deserve a perfect bag!
  7. My (former) black patent Luxury tote appeared to have some very minor glue issues along the leather where it meets the zipper on one side. For the price of that bag, I was afraid it was going to eventually separate and returned it.

    I am sorry you had to endure a poor quality bag for the second time. This just shouldn't be happening at all! Not at all!
  8. Sorry to hear about this, it's not right. For what we pay, it should always be perfect.
  9. i had to go through 3 bags till i found one that was good. the last one had glue too but in a different area. i think it is horrible and definitely disappointing.
  10. That sucks, that's something that shouldn't get past quality control for sure!! I'll tell ya, I LOVE Chanel but I never have quality control issues like this with LV, not saying LV is perfect or better but I've bought a lot of it without a problem where I feel like every Chanel I buy I find at least a little something wrong with it...... Good Luck, which bag did you wind up with anyway?
  11. I sure wouldn't be embarrassed about returning over & over, I'd be PO'd!:tdown:
  12. I am pissed. Im going to call the original sa, im sure she has no idea that it is like this right:nogood: she put it on hold for me because the bag she originally sold me my HG bag, was damaaged and she tryed to clean it by using an eraser on it and it still didnt work . She was supposed to find another at another store, I remember people posting they saw the bag at certain stores , but those stores wouldnt give her the bag, saying they dont have it. I didnt want to return the bag, making her lose the commistion, my sa in another store found the bag for me even when she couldnt, but I felt bad because I never return things anyway the sa I was with yesterday blew off my questions about the bag , the card was missing and she was pissed that I asked her to look saying most people dont care about the card, making me feel really stupid. I like the original sa, but wont buy bags from that store ever again, no one cares about giving me good service there and I have bought 4 chanels in a month. I will take my buisssness somewhere else, its very sad.
  13. that completely sucks.. i was about to start going there myself.. well i recently ordered one bag from there and the other sa screwed up the phone order.. . and they may not even have the right bag for me after all.

    i feel soo bad for you bc the bag was a beauty :sad: you deserve a beautiful bag & exceptional service ... and you are not getting it from there.
  14. Lola, I TOTALLY agree with you there:yes:
    That's what I've been experiencing/feeling too..
  15. i agree! for over $2,000 a pop, the flaps should be perfect! i've made 6 trips to the chanel store in the past month just to exchange! i'm sorry to hear that happened to you!!