Attn fellow Pfers.. need help: going on 1st trip to Germany.


Feb 22, 2006
New to H-town
Help please!!!

My husband and I are traveling to Southern part of Germany (Frankfurt to Munich) in Mid July for 2 weeks.

Then we MIGHT stay 1 week in Italy.

This is not an all fun vacation since we are going as "ambassadors" for my FIL's company and FIL himself will join us later part of our trip.

The trip will include:
*Sister company/factory tours
*lunch with company executives
*dinner with company executives
*1 wedding of president's daughter.
*And of course... sightseeing and touristy stuff.

I adore Germany and have taken German classes in HS and College so I can say I know a bit about the history/culture.. but I desperately need help with Fashion.

Granted we are not going to Paris.. but I'm wondering if ppl are still fashionable on a daily basis(meaning, are most women in these areas well dressed with makeup on?)

would I feel out of place wearing my Harajuku t-shirt seven jeans and flipflops with minimal neutral tones makeup walking down city streets? (or country side?)

Also, for business lunch/dinner meetings... should I wear
(1) skirt w/ pumps?
(2) slacks?
(3) dress w/ sandals?
Overall go with Neutrals and conservative colors?
Or since I'm going as an "ambassador" and not to close a business deal should I go with a more laid back colorful (yellow, blue..) theme overall?

How will the weather be in July-August? Do I need to bring my trench coat? a jacket? just a shawl?

Sorry for bombarding w/ so many questions...Please help.. even more questions to come..


May 16, 2006
Bavaria, Germany
Oohhh, how exciting!! :smile:

In Germany, you can pretty much wear the same things as you wear in the states - but people will give you crazy looks if you go out in hoodies and sweatpants!

When you'll be at official things, I would suggest neutrals and conservatives. Maybe if you wear a black skirt and a light shirt you could accent your outfit with something bright and colorful, like a beautiful scarf or something? As long as you're not wearing Jungle Prints to the function you should be fine :smile: Just use your best judgement. Wear something very nice and classy the first day, check out what the other ladies are wearing and go from there!

July and August are typically very hot in Germany - and a majority of the buildings, stores and hotels to NOT have AC! So, either look for a hotel that has AC, or be prepared to sweat :smile:

I would bring a light jacket or cardigan, maybe a knitted one so that you do have something in case it gets chilly in the evenings, but you definitely won't need a winter coat :smile:

I live in Bavaria, so if you need any help with the area or have any questions you can feel free to shoot me a PM!


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Sep 13, 2005
Weather in Germany during July and August is HOT for the most part. I think you will be fine in jeans, but people also choose to dress up. It really depends what the people you are traveling with wear- it sounds like you might want to dress up a tad. I would probably take skirts and blouses... but you should try to find out more from the people you will be seeing/meeting

You will have a blast!


Feb 22, 2006
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:heart: Thanks Megs. Thanks Lamiastella.

Definitely have a better idea of what to wear just from your posts. :heart:

What do you think of my idea?

(1) Simple grey/khaki/black skirt, black pumps, and a white or red blouse for business lunch. carry grey/orange purse.
(2) Wear a simple short sleeves grey dress with a shawl for dinner.

(3) Jeans and t-shirts are ok for everyday sightseeing.
* Can I wear sneakers for walking? Nike? Puma? Adidas? Or is it a no no like in Paris?


May 16, 2006
Bavaria, Germany
Sounds good to me, Joanna!

As for the sneakers, I'd shy away from wearing crosstrainers, but if you have a pair of sport-looking sneaks like this:

then it'll be fine :smile: Nobody will pay attention to your shoes, really. If you plan on visiting the castles while you're in Germany, I would definitely suggest a type of tennis shoe, since it's a lot of hill-walking! As long as you don't wear your mud covered, grungy, you've had them for the past 10 years sneakers you'll be fine!


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Nov 4, 2006
IMO you should definitely bring a light coat, maybe a trench coat, because it does get chilly sometimes during summer. It really is a matter of luck! Plus: it might also rain (a lot), so you would need some sort of a coat!


Dec 11, 2006
i'd say it depends on where you are going. both munich and frankfurt are very fashionable - so makeup for sure, sevens yes, flip flops - it depends on the flip flops, I do'nt know the t-shirt style but I'd say go for a classic white Tee and a fancy bag, you can't go wrong.

I think it depends on the business you are into: if it is cars, insurances or banks I would say you should wear a linen skirt suit, something like that.

the dress and shawl is perfect - and yes, the sneaker kind like Melanie posted is super common. they are just fine. neutrals are always good and i would bring a trench and a couple of cardis just to be sure.

typically July and August are hot but last August was all rain across Europe (making up for June/July). you just never know. it is predicted hot though for this year.

hope you have a good time!

Aug 20, 2006
i was in germany in the summer and it was hot. ot- i really loved germany. the ppl were SO kind. i have fond memories of the loveliness of the German folk! i hope you have a really great time!