ATTN fellow LV Gents (and the Ladies who love them)...

  1. ... clear all previous engagements on Thursday, January 17 at 2:30PM (Paris time) for the Autumn/Winter 2008-09 Men's Runway show! :nuts: im really looking foward to this. i don't know what to expect, but i'd love to see them use the Ouvea chain pattern once more. but maybe in dark and slightly metallic colours: navy-grey-silver perhaps?

    what do you guys wish to see next season?
  2. I would like to see some hot RTW! :yes:
  3. where cna i watch the show?:popcorn:
  4. I would like to see more shoebags in tobago in other colors!! yes I want one more LOL!
    more totes in leather and in small "city-bag" sizes not lugagge
  5. I want to see something fresh! They've been recycling same materials and or models enough now. I just want something different and classy, but still a little creative. I don't have high hopes though. :s
  6. Thanks for the news DD looking forward to the show I like your silvery suggestion the ladies have had lots of metallics I wouldn't be surprised if the guys got a little bling too
  7. I would like to see some black Vuitton with white monograms and white hadles. Also I would like to see some really hot scarfs. I dont really know what Im expecting but I just hope its fun and funky.
  8. more leather, less canvas (although that ouvea idea sounds great).

    also, some big bags with bandouliers! (not messengers)
  9. Andoh, I'd like to see scarves that aren't just branded pieces of cloth. :shrugs: LV has done, in my opinion , a good job creating shoes that stand out and are more than just brand representatives, they have an aestetic value of their own, scarves not so much yet.
  10. i would love to see some killer shoes !!!
  11. I Already Know Whats Coming Out!!!! Its Kept A Secret! So Dont Ask!

    Muahahahah Muahahha!
  12. you always seem to know it all Matt :rolleyes: do keep it a secret, i want it to be a surprise ;)
  13. I WANT TO TELL SOOO BAD!! but Thursday will be here before we know it! haha. new subject lol.

    Do you think there will me MORE Bequia/Soana?

    I hope to see some keepalls in flashy colors, oversized metallic grey and silver bags to wear on the shoulder. Metallic shoes...

    A fushia leather keepall or holdall would be nice

    I really love metallic you see lol

    But like previous posters, I do not have high hopes as well...
  15. Thanks for the info, I want to see nice shoes so I can some for my bf :p