ATTN: FASHIONISTAS.... i need a little help

  1. i'm going to a friend's wedding and i recently purchased this dress [​IMG]

    i am completely lost as to what to wear with it... make up, jewelry, shoes, clutch...

    all suggestions are welcome

    i was thinking of maybe an open toe flat since my date is about the same height as me hahah
  2. I would say no necklace because the bow is enough. i think bracelets and some beautiful drop earrings would be great!

    I like your idea for shoes, if your date is your height!
  3. Ohhh that dress is too cute!! Maybe kitten heels if your date is you height. But it's ok.. look at TomKat - she still wears her heels.. lolz - i agree with eliza.. bracelet and earrings. No necklace. Love the dress.
  4. Agree w/ Eliza. Drop earrings would be great. I would go simple on the overall accessorizing b/c the dress has a lot of personality on it's own.
  5. Cute bubble and bow! All above suggestions are great. I would go silver or if you feel really adventurous - light pink satin shoes and clutch, because I don't like olive green with black, too dark and doesn't match in a bad way.
  6. That dress is adorable. I would wear silver shoes and jewelry for sure. Flats would look cute. Post some pics of it on. I love it!
  7. ^ agree with the other girls about staying away from a necklace. i would pile on bracelets, small studs on the ears, and a colorful yet simple clutch to make it pop.
  8. I love the dress! :smile: Hmm, is it olive green? :confused1: If so, I wouldn't do black accessories, because I don't think olive green and black work well together IMO... too harsh. :smile: If it is olive green, I would do a warmer color palette, like bronze or gold, rather than silver. Maybe bronze, or gold (but not bright gold, more antique-y gold) shoes, some pretty dangly earrings in a hammered gold or bronze... and no necklace because that would distract from the pretty bow, which should be the focal point. A stack of bangles would look really pretty too, and makeup wise, I think a warm color palette would be so pretty... peachy pink lips, similar tone blush, gold/bronze shadow, liner (maybe an iridescent dark olivey green), and lots of lashes. :heart:

    If the dress is black, then a hot pink sandals would be pretty, or silver if you don't want to go with color (I love fuschia or pink shoes with a black dress) and a silver or black clutch would be nice... makeup wise I would do pink lips (not bright pink), a light wash of grey/silver shadow, black liner, and lots of lashes. Ohhh, and silver bracelets would be a pretty addition too!

    Have fun! :heart: Not sure if my rambling was even remotely helpful, but I'm sure you'll look great!! :flowers:
  9. it's actually a dark gray, almost a charcoal

    thanks for all the input, ladies!

    i'm actually going to ask my mom today to take it in a bit so i don't look like i'm wearing a trash bag haha.

    will definitely shop around for some silver flats and some silver bangles or what not.

    thanks girls!
  10. if its dark gray, id go with silver toned jewelry with black shoes and a black clutch. peep toes might be cute. and if ur a bangle person, id suggest bangles with it. but i agree with staying away from a necklace, and the drop earring suggestion. but that dress is so pretty!
  11. Very cute dress. I would probably do black shoes and clutch.
  12. I would go for black shoes, black/dark metal bangles and a nice cluch... nothing to fancy, i think the dress it's self is enought of a statement...

    don't forget to post pics of the end result!!
  13. omg first of all, where did u get it? it's gorgeous.

    i would wear black flats or wedges with a black clutch. i think black tights would go great with that GORGEOUS dress! :heart:
  14. i forgot to add jewelry lol

    i dont suggest a necklace because of the big bow

    but i think pearl earrings would go great with them and a pearl bracelet

  15. I almost want to suggest pink since pink is a lovely pair with a dark grey. A pink lip, blush, ear baubles and cocktail ring would look lovely with such a cute dress.