Attn: Exotic Maggie Owners - How Is It Wearing?

Mar 21, 2009
I did a search on Exotic Maggies but I think my question is different. It's been 6 months since the release of the original Exotic Maggie and I've got some questions.

If you own and Exotic Maggie, tell me how is it wearing?
How are the corners? Does the leather crack because of the embossing? Can it be moisturized? Is it heavy? Would you recommend this bag? I might have a chance to get one and I would like to get some answers before I make my decision.

To those who want to see what I'm talking about I borrowed this image from Nutz4Coach

Thank you!


Dec 30, 2007
I JUST bought the bone & haven't snipped the tags yet. Thanks for asking. It's a lot of $ if it doesn't wear well.


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Apr 27, 2009
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I have the Maggie Ink since it came out with the matching wallet... She is in excellent condition. The Care Card on this bag saids to just wipe the leather not treatment with Conditioners... I have not personal tried to condition her.

I only use my bags one week each year but I use it eveywhere I go for that week and when I used her last year she was fine and I did not have any issues...

She is my first Exotic and she does make me nerves about Cracking but I do not baby my bags. I do take care of them but not to extreme.. The bag and wallet are in perfect condition so far...


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Sep 15, 2009
Well I can give ya my imput...
She is for me a lil' heavy... the thing I don't like about her is when you try to get into the side pockets the straps are floppy and get in the way. So I just end up putting everything in the middle. So far she is holding up great.. but I have so many bags and rotate daily she doesn't get used hard.
The wallet ROCKS !!!


Feb 26, 2009
KL, Malaysia

this is my first blue bag..
which i think the most perfect blue shade ever for me!
and my one and only coach exotic..
and also my most expensive coach bag everrrrr..
as of now, still like brand new..
coz i baby my bags and i rotate them to work, every single day, to match my clothes..
no cracks..
no corners fading..
just perfect as it is supposed to be!

and nope, i do not apply any leather moisturiser/ conditioner on it..

and yes, it is heavy..
heavier than the normal leather maggie because of the extra ring-hardware on the handle and the thickness of the embossed leather..
but it's worth every penny!
so, if u got an excellent deal on it, i would vote that u shud get it!

hope that helps!


Jan 5, 2009
i have the exotic maggie in pink..she is perfect and i did apply apple conditioner and after that i sprayed it with rain guard.. since she is a light color i dont wear her with any dark color b.c i fear of color transfer..i only wear white or pink color with her... and she isnt that heavy


Feb 8, 2009
I have the Peony but only carried her a couple times so cannot really comment on wear. Believe Apple says they can be used on exotics, I would be scared to do so without knowing someone else that did so successfully


Jan 5, 2009
I have the Peony but only carried her a couple times so cannot really comment on wear. Believe Apple says they can be used on exotics, I would be scared to do so without knowing someone else that did so successfully
i used apply on mine and it cudnt b more me it works and it makes the leather look rich and soft..dont you just love apple? lol


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Jun 21, 2007
I have the Ink Croc Embossed Maggie and the matching Slim Wallet. I've carried the bag less than 6 times (one day each time) since it was released. I've use the wallet a couple of times more, in other bags. Both have held up well, Thankfully, because I really like them!

I do 'baby' my bags, but I have carried this one in the rain several times and it's fine!

I wish that it was the larger size Maggie, but it works OK for one day at a time for me. The leather is lightweight, but the hardware at the top is heavy and causes the top corners to bend over. I remedy this by folding my handles toward the center of the bag when it is just sitting, then it doesn't bend. My bottom corners haven't shown any wear and there is no cracking.

If you have the opportunity to buy one, go for it. It's a very nice bag, IMO, and I L:heart:VE the Black & White Houndstooth lining!
Jan 25, 2010
I just got this one and am going to switch into it in a few days. I have the embossed exotic Ella and I used her everyday for about 2.5 months and she looks brand new! I really like the embossed exotics - they seem to hold up really well.